With sleek lines and an improved power-to-weight ratio, 2016 Civic sports two brand new engines; the smaller one is the one to watch. 

Honda Civic UAE

Redesigned is a word Civic launches have been populating one too many press releases with, in recent years. The signs tell us, it is all going to stop; because, the Civic seems to have found its right suit and the 2016 edition looks good, to begin with. Sleek on the outside and fun inside, Honda’s mid-segment sedan has augmented its efficiency and safety. ‘Sporty’ seems to be what Honda wants us to come away with from the redesigned Civic, which is available in three grades, LXi, EXi and the all-new RS.

First impressions on the exterior?

Honda has worked on the design to give this model a ‘cooler’ edge. Subtle (and some not-so-subtle) changes in angling the lines and swept-back bodylines have made a significant impact on the overall look and feel. The aggressive face and muscular wheel arches lend a sporty attitude to the new Civic while the C-shaped LED taillights give it an identity recognizable from afar. These tail lights as well as LED daytime running lights and power side mirrors with integrated LED turn signals are standard to the new Civic.

Honda Civic 2016 steering

Inside the 2016 Civic

A longer wheel base and wider body means more space to stretch out in the new Civic cabin. Honda has gone for a new soft-touch interior finish for a more premium passenger experience.

The LXi grade has a 5” touch screen but all grades have electric parking brakes instead of the pull-up lever and automatic brake hold function, which lets you keep your foot off the brake when pausing downhill, or at one of the city’s numerous intersections.

Other standard features include 60:40 folding rear seats, rear seat armrest with cup holders and rear ventilation ducts. The new Civic boasts of rear parking sensors, walk away locking and can even keep the engine running and the cabin cooled as you approach, with a Remote Engine Starter – looks like Honda isn’t letting the Koreans have the final say in the segment.

Honda Civic dashboard

The Honda LANEWATCH has become signature Honda fare, and the EXi and RS models have it in the Civic, besides a sunroof. When you engage the right turn signal, the 7-inch touchscreen on the dash shows what is on the passenger side road for changing lanes safely. On this screen, the new Civic’s camera shows the rear in three angles.

And further within…

While LXi and EXi get a fresh new 2.0 L engine that produces a peak of 158hp at 6500 rpm and 187N-m torque at 4200 pm, RS gets the smaller 1.5 L engine – wait for it – that is turbocharged and therefore more powerful. The sporty engine works up 180hp at 6000 rpm and 220N-m torque starting low at 1700rpm and going all the way up to 5500 rpm. Despite spinning more power, RS also stands out in efficiency delivering 20 km/L compared with the 2.0 engine’s figures of 18.8 km/L. Both the engines transfer power through a new generation CVT, reworked to increase fuel efficient low-rpm cruising, smoother acceleration and natural throttle response.

Civic cabin

Top-rated safety

The 2016 Civic was rated ‘Top Safety Pick+’ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the US thanks to safety features that include Vehicle Safety Assist (VSA) which helps stabilise the car at corners, Anti-Lock Braking Systems, Electronic Brake Distributor, Hill Start Assist and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

The Grades and Price

The 2016 Honda Civic is available in all Honda showrooms across GCC, Lebanon and Jordan.

2.0L engine: LXI – AED 72,900 / EXI AED 78,900

1.5L Turbo: RS AED 95,900

In their communication, Honda repeatedly refers to the new model as ‘the stunning Civic’, and you’ll know why at first glance. As for the comparative price, it is easy to see that the AED 6000 you pay extra for the EXI is good value. If the steep climb by 17 grand to the RS model is justified for some extra horses and fuel savings… only a test drive will tell.

[With Georgina Paul]

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