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Top 10 selfie points at Dubai Motor Show

If it isn’t worth taking a picture of, it is not worth remembering; and if it isn’t worth a selfie, don’t even bother talking about it. Because you want to be seen in places you ‘have to’ be seen in! And let the world know where is passion taking you …

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8 not to miss cars at Dubai Motor Show

When the door opens this evening to what is perhaps the most excitingly balanced motor show till date, there are some cars you have to create boxes in your mind for – and tick them no matter what. Actually there is more, but these stands for the models we all …

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Peugeot 3008 Review: The ‘different’ car of the year

Change begins from within. Indeed. But until it shows, it won’t be recognized by the world. And when a brand wishes to convey how exciting and transformed it has become, they had better look at the skeleton and skin, and throw the ones in the cupboard out. Peugeot has big …

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Dubai Motor Show is for 8 types of people

This is the ninth edition of Dubai International Motor show that I’m going and it has never been just for the love of cars. In fact every year there was a new reason being added to my list. Family fun being the last! Seriously, “I am not the motoring type” …

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Renault Zoe First Drive: Switching on an e-ra

It was about time. Questions about electric cars were getting harder to answer. Answers began with Tesla and didn’t get very far. Yet, a Tesla that everyone could put on their buying list rather than their wish list was still somewhat far. Nissan Leaf had moved to the second generation …

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