The spirit of the Union was glowing bright in the minds of motorists across UAE when tens of thousands of them took to the road with their cars decked up to reflect the glorious journey of the nation unto this milestone. Festive gatherings and processions marked the celebration in many areas of the Emirates.

This Camaro has been gift-wrapped in the spirit of National Day.

In a country that’s known for its people’s love of cars and super cars, and where traditionally one’s vehicle has been one’s trusted companion from the times of nomadic lives (Think the legendary Bedu and his camel), it was indeed appropriate that these cars were turned into vehicles of festive joy and celebratory spirit!

No dodging the spirit of 40!

Looked like all Chargers on the road were driven by the spirit!

A Maxima being transformed in the green room, just before riding out into the night of celebration.

Well into the night, cars kept flocking to decor vendors, who had a busy run up to the National Day!

40th UAE National Day: Celebrating the journey on road was last modified: February 23rd, 2016 by Sudeep Koshy

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