Bentley Mulsanne Speed review: 18 feet, 8 heads and it roars…

Spitting fire from its oval exhausts and spinning 1100 Nm, the king of torque is an obvious title for the Bentley Mulsanne Speed. What made Bentley create a leviathan with such formidable power is the first question that pops up. Does the fastest Bentley make for an enjoyable drive is the next. UPSIDE: …

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2016 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: The last donuts

The ironies in life make it all the more intriguing. That seems to ring true for a stellar event like the F1 finals too, as Yas Marina Circuit delivered its final twists on Sunday, keeping some happy, some a tad disappointed but all on their toes till the end! Drama …

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One thing you should know about F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

It’s much more than a car race. It’s one of the world’s greatest examples of fair play and team building. We are into one of the most exciting F1 weekends of the year – the very last of the season! If you have wondered what exactly is a Grand Prix, …

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In this mobile office, you are all charged up!

If you are a blogger or a freelance designer, this is how Nissan thinks you will probably be working a few years from now. That is, if you aren’t doing something similar already! In 2015 alone, co-working and hot-desking spaces around the world grew by 36% as more and more …

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Brand new 1957 JAGUAR XKSS for 4.6 million dirhams!

Jaguar Classic has unveiled an authentic XKSS handcrafted to exact 1957 specification. Only 9 will be built to make up for lost originals. Last Thursday, Petersen Museum, Los Angeles, exhibited two classic Jaguar XKSS cars – one was a British racing green; the other a close Sherwood green. One belonged …

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My second visit to the first ever Rolls-Royce boutique

I was back at the Rolls-Royce boutique sooner than anticipated, and I had an agenda. It is just over three weeks since the world’s first ‘Rolls-Royce Boutique’ was opened to the world. Situated at the gateway of the City Walk Main Street, the vectorized pixel-animation screens of the boutique walls …

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Ferrari 488 GTB Review: Ferrari with a twist

While Maranello has held out as the last bastion for the hard-core fans of naturally aspirated engines, its donjons have lowered their guard from time to time, only to raise the flag of performance. The 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO and the F40 have gone down in history as the fastest …

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Morgan Aero 8 launch: Retract the hardtop and time

The latest convertible from Morgan was launched in the UAE last week. Half a million is the cost of a business class ticket to classic Britain. Few cars really give you a compelling reason to turn to open top motoring in our part of the world. Sure, the cooler months …

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Audi RS and R get exclusive home

Audi celebrated motorsport experience last week with its opening of the world’s first Audi Sport Center in Abu Dhabi and a weekend event in Dubai for Emirati ladies to experience Audi sports cars. The first stand-alone showroom in the world, dedicated to Audi Sport was opened in Abu Dhabi with …

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Rolls-Royce Black Badge: Driven and drooled over

Phantom. Silver Seraph. Ghost. Wraith. Starting with their names, there is a dark mystique that shrouds the Rolls-Royce motorcars, just as the impenetrable lives of their super-rich owners. If power and luxury had a colour, what else could it then be, but black? And if Drivemeonline were to celebrate the …

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