Review on Demand: 2016 Infiniti QX50

Starting a new feature on Drivemeonline. REVIEW ON DEMAND! In response to reader requests and queries, ‘if situation permits’ a quick test will be initiated and a brief review posted. This is the first! Quick glance: 3.7L V6 engine / 7-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode / Intelligent All Wheel Drive / …

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Nissan storms in with new Kicks in Brazil

We have no clue, if we are going to see it in this market at all. Anyway, I am going to tell you about it, just for the kicks! (There! I just wanted to get that too predictable a cliché on record; I suspect that is why I chose to …

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Geely Emgrand GT Review: Gatecrasher’s Ticket

There are more reasons than what meet the eye to take the Geely Emgrand GT more seriously than all the fireworks in China town. Much of the safety and technology of the Emgrand GT is undersigned by Volvo, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geely. As announced during the …

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Toyota Prius 2016 review: Fewer stops en route to future

The future set sail twenty years ago, but washed up on our shores just a few weeks ago. The 4th generation Toyota Prius has come a long way from the hybrid that won the hearts of early adapters to being the world’s largest selling at 3.5 million so far. The …

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2016 Honda Civic: Stunning looks and a surprise hero

With sleek lines and an improved power-to-weight ratio, 2016 Civic sports two brand new engines; the smaller one is the one to watch.  Redesigned is a word Civic launches have been populating one too many press releases with, in recent years. The signs tell us, it is all going to stop; …

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Paris e Prix champion dares F1 champs to go electric!

Formula E’s pre-race edition takes us to dreamy Paris, where Di Grassi is preparing for the race he went on to win and muses on how trying these tracks could be for his former Formula 1 rivals Vettel and Hamilton. Watch this fascinating talk on CNN SuperCharged; read it right here. Paris is …

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New Infiniti QX 60 and QX 50 keep the good stuff

The newly-launched Infiniti crossovers are family friendly but also flaunt some serious street style. Gone are the days when family cars were assumed to be sensible, no-frill, functional cars that accounted for every fil funneled from the monthly budget. Talk about a seven-seater crossover with pizzazz – the new Infiniti …

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DriveME NewsTrack Early May 2016

Fuel prices to rise in May Prepare to hand over a little more for your next refuel. The Ministry for Energy announced a 10% hike in fuel prices from today. The new prices are AED 1.78 for Super, AED 1.67 for Special and AED 1.60 for E-Plus. Diesel prices will …

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There is something common between the white Bentley and the black car in the background. CLUE: It’s in the name and of course, the similarity stops right there! You get 5 days to name the black car AND what the two have in common. Contest closes on Monday, 2nd of May at 11:00 pm GST. Fill in …

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Fuelling change: The Toyota Prius Story

They say two heads are better than one. Well, that happens to be the story of a hybrid’s life. Optimising the use of a petrol engine and an electric motor, Toyota Prius was the first passenger car that managed to make headway in hybrid technology, against challenges that included an …

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