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Nissan X-Trail 2015 lifts the floodgates on premium features

Last week, Nissan launched its All-New X-Trail, its compact SUV in the Middle East. More rounded and packed with technology, the once boxy SUV was earlier revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The all-new X-Trail will be available from AED 78,500 onwards. Read the full review on a UAE test …

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Audi RS4 Avant 2014 Review: What’s in a badge?

In the grander scheme of things within the Audi family, the RS4 is the odd one out. While the S6, S8, the RS6 and RS7 gets the 4.0 L bi-turbo V8, the boastfully booming fuel-efficient engine, the RS4 uses the 4.2 L Quattro V8 to drive its metal – the …

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Audi RS7 2014 review: Sportin’ a pin-striped suit

Taking off from where we left the Audi RS6, there is not much of a difference between the RS7 and its estate edition. At the heart of it, and even in the façade – if you overlook the aluminium strips that frame the air dams – both shone with a …

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Audi RS6 2014 Avant Review: The sixth estate

Who would want to buy a station wagon that weighs two tonnes and spills over your parking in this part of the world? Not because it could come in handy when you’re moving homes; or because it looks cool in red, burning red. Maybe because you want to swing it …

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On our 3rd birthday, we get our 3 ‘RS’ right and that’s just a beginning

I’ve been to many birthday parties that have turned into nothing short of carnivals, with one item bold in the whole agenda – barhopping. But a couple of months ago, as celebrated its 3rd birthday, we (our photographer, fellow riders and me) were treated to something even more fun …

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Now you can opt for Eco-friendly power

Eco Power and The Bull batteries will now be available in the UAE, thanks to a collaboration between Omeir Bin Youssef & Sons LLC, Abu Dhabi’s leading automobile dealer and Discover Energy Corp – Canada, a longstanding manufacturer of battery and power related products, and a leading OEM in innovative …

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QX70S Elite Sport arrives as Infiniti hints at top sedan

Just as a distinctively styled QX70 hits the Middle East, Infiniti has revealed an intriguing silhouette of what it hopes to shake up the top end of the premium market, a saloon concept named the Q80 Inspiration that will be revealed in just over three weeks. In the meanwhile, the …

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Mercedes SLK55 AMG Review: The bridge from Affalterbach

The last time I met the SLK, it was trying hard to look muscular between its sharply sculpted lines.It handled well enough, but there was something that did not quite push it into the league of sports cars that parked themselves in your bucket list. But six years later, as …

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Sixth Bugatti legend unveiled in California completes the series

They are siblings, all born within the span of a year. And they are bound to go their separate ways and discover their fortunes, just as the three little pigs. Only, in this case there are six, and each of them portends a fortune for their owners. Deemed to be …

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GT Academy Middle East second edition announces winner

The second edition of the Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy Middle East has chosen its champion. The International Race Camp at the UK’s Silverstone circuit turned out to be the launch pad for a racing career for Ahmed Khaled from Saudi Arabia, as the 25 year old was crowned the Middle …

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