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I wore a tyre around my wrist and it looked good!

Watches get me ticking if they are innovative, compelling and very, very good looking. So, when I got an invitation from Roger Dubuis, it initially came across as one of the perks of being an Editor who has something to do with wheels, whether they came with a chassis or …

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Ferrari 812 Superfast: Utter REVerence!

Waking up at unearthly hours to fly in early, driving over 300 km battling time and traffic; all to meet what could be the last of the 12 cylinder puritans to come out of Maranello. Wrapped in red satin, the present rested in the middle of the room. Yes, it’s …

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More cars in Ramadan buying spotlight

The recent months saw the introduction of a few interesting saloons in the market, with an evolving sense of artistic maturity display from all quarters. Here are five – four saloons and one coupe to be exact. Midsize sedan: Renault Talisman Just as Koleos made waves in the Crossover segment, …

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Team Habibeez unveil Gumball 3000 cars

Gumball 3000 is not another race. In fact it isn’t even a race, as far as events that move cars at great speeds go. It is instead an event that moves people – across cities and across the realms of art, fashion, sport and popular culture. Which is why the …

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New cars in Ramadan buying spotlight

With three weeks left for the month of Ramadan, the attempts to turn around early decisions have started taking the shape of early deals. Traditional favourites and some models hot off the launch pad are teasing buyers this time. Here is a look at some of the new and noteworthy …

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NewsTrack: April Catch up edition

Mustang goes to the Gibraltar, and other places Americans flex their muscles with an eight cylinder vroom thanks to the Mustang. What has been the best selling sports car in the US for 50 years now claims the same spot in a global context. According to Ford analysis of IHS …

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SportTrack April catch up edition

AMG clocks 50 Catching up on performance motoring: the three familiar letters of AMG turns 50 years old this year – just in case aficionados want to gather around a cake that smells of caramelised rubber! You can of course switch it for some real burnt tires behind the numerous …

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Two seconds and counting backwards

If strategy wins a war, the F1 pit lane would be where it is celebrated most. Nowhere else perhaps is the role of ‘back-end’ so obvious in the racing game as when twenty two people stand and scamper to prepare the car before you can blink again: with an F1 …

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28 Aston Martins perform curtain raiser for new SUV

When it comes to adding some drama to visual splendour, Aston Martin knows how. After all, hasn’t it been part and parcel of numerous 007 tales of adventure and ardour? In a way only few automotive brands can, an Aston Martin can generate tonnes of visual torque even without moving …

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New Mercedes E-Class Coupe offers sport and space

Traditionally, coupes have been sexier than their sedan counterparts. Perhaps it’s got to do with the readiness for an edgy life bristling in the sculpted stance of a coupe. Anyhow, the new E-class coupe confirms the fact, just the same way that the S-class and later the C-class did. The …

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