Switch on Tesla: Model S and Model X are now in the UAE

At a venue that discussed sustainability of the nation and what’s good for the earth, Tesla made its verbal entry into UAE, later to take centre stage at the celebratory event at Armani hotel. Finally Tesla is here, officially. I have seen a few Tesla models in UAE, brought in …

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Where crazy skiers dare, Range Rover Sport sets a record

  The crazy things that men do; some of which are done in a Range Rover Sport! Like racing down the Inferno at break-neck speeds, on a course where only skiers dare… insane skiers! There is nothing about completing 14.9 km in 21 min and 36 seconds that is worth flicking …

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NEWSTRACK Early Feb: New SUV Engine Oil, A moving wall of inspiration and Saudi auto trade show

Gulf Oil launches engine oil to maintain SUV performance Gulf Oil Middle East has officially launched its new specially formulated engine oil for SUVs – Gulf Formula ULE 5W-40. It is an advanced performance, synthetic engine oil meeting mid/low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous & Sulphur) requirements. The aim is keep …

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2016 Volkswagen Passat Review: Chrome accent

2016 was the year of two Passats. Now, how is that? One was the uplifted design introduced in 2016 and the other, the outgoing model, which again, was a produce of 2016. The best way to tell the difference was to go on a side-by-side ride, especially with people who …

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A New Year editorial in February

A new year begins when the new officially happens. There is so much happening around my desk and on the road that even this hello had to wait! So, you might ask me, “so what’s new?” and I would say, “You will know.” What I can only tell you is …

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Nissan GT-R arrival leaves an imprint on Indian soil

Nissan’s #LegendarySalute to India is set to enter the Limca Book of records as its acclaimed sports car puts up a show of precision and control, outlining the world’s largest-ever country map. Nissan GT-R just entered the Indian market in December 2016. Nissan Motor India has already made a historic …

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The desert kicks up dust and thrills

Desert Sport Festival offers gala fun and adventure Off-road racing event offers adrenaline rush for safari motorsport enthusiasts and tons of fun for visitors of all ages, on Thursday and Friday. This weekend the place to be for adventure-seekers is the Al Bayader Desert on the Dubai-Hatta Road, renowned for …

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Volvo’s new Red Key keeps safety always on

Many owners usually don’t appreciate other drivers behind their steering. When it is their rock star teen or an overenthusiastic valet or workshop hand, it becomes even more difficult to part with the key fob. However, Volvo Cars has now launched a key designed to keep them at ease while …

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Nostalgia Classic Cars: The launch of a dream

Aptly located in the midst of art galleries and installations, Nostalgia Classic Cars is the new one stop destination for classic cars in Dubai. A place where you could simply lounge out and read up on your favourite classic cars; or better still, buy your dream classic. If that weren’t …

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Opel Astra 2015 Review: I know why it was on TopGear

The opportunity for a test comes by when my car goes into its rare mode of ‘repair needed’. This time, it was a ‘long-term’ test as a part wasn’t to arrive until a month later and thankfully, they didn’t have the heart to take the substitute back! Now, it would …

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