Usually, the Interbrand rankings are quite predictable and there are no earthshattering changes in the top automotive brands featured in the 100 top global brands. This time it is different. In fact, there are some interesting changes, though not altogether unpredictable.

The three headline-worthy news are: Mercedes has been pushed back by BMW for the first time, by over 500 million USD. It was bound to happen; last year, Mercedes was leading by just above a 100 million! The second headline belongs to Volkswagen, for being the only brand with a negative growth. The third major change in the list is the presence of first-timer Mini. Nothing else to report, really.

The rank, the brand, its value in USD and the growth percentage based on last year’s value are given below:

6 Toyota USD 49,048 m +16%

11 BMW USD 37212 m +9%

12 Mercedes-Benz USD 36711 m +7%

19 Honda USD 22,975 m +6%

35 Volkswagen USD 12,545 m -9%

38 Ford USD 11,578 m +6%

39 Hyundai USD 11,293 m +8%

44 Audi USD 10,328 m +5%

49 Nissan USD 9,082 m +19%

56 Porsche USD 8,055 m +12%

74 Kia USD 5,666 m +5%

79 Harley Davidson USD 5,460 m +14%

85 Chevrolet USD 5,133 m +2%

87 Land Rover USD 5,109 +14%

98 Mini USD 4,243 m

Noteworthy facts:

• Toyota has maintained its top ranking among automobile brands and has even advanced two slots to the world’s sixth most valuable brand at over USD 49 billion, as compared with 42.4 billion on last year’s Interbrand list. That is 16% growth.

• Nissan is the top riser, climbing from 56 to 49, thanks to an outstanding 19% growth The brand is valued at 9 billion

• Volkswagen is the only brand that retraced its steps, at 9% negative growth. But the brand that had a short reign as the biggest automaker in the world has bigger things to worry about than a place in the vanity pack.

• Chevrolet dropped in ranking from 82 to 85 and guess what the Harley brand just rode past the Chevy and is cooling its heels at 79. The motorbike legend was at 87 last year.

• Ferrari slipped into the 100 in 2013 but was left behind in last year’s list. It’s yet to make a comeback. And guess who has tiptoed its way in? Mini, hanging on to the 98th slot is the new entrant from the automotive sector.

• Toyota and Nissan have earned kudos worth mentioning in the report:

Nissan for the leap it achieved…

“Focus has been a driving force for top riser Nissan, which has embarked on ongoing integration efforts. Armed with a clear vision for the brand, disseminated by its Global Marketing leaders, the company has united its divisions and agency partners in order to deliver on its product promise, while designing business strategies to engage contemporary consumers in global markets.”

And Toyota for the technological lead in establishing relevant collaborations…

“Technology is also proving a force for cross-industry collaboration. Rising brands in all categories are partnering with tech giants to connect with customers in groundbreaking ways. Auto brand Toyota harnesses Google’s powerful API to push city-specific messaging into geo-targeted banner ads. Toyota also extends its influence from behind the wheel and into drivers’ daily lives as it joins Panasonic to develop its cloud-connected Smart Center.”

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