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Scrapped Mustangs kept alive and ticking!

Do cars have an after life? While most of them would ‘live on’ in classic car museums or framed as a living room memory, a Mustang that serves its time in the automotive world could come back into your personal space – alive and ticking. Visibly featuring traits of a …

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Road safety thought to improve while enjoyment trails

The 5th cycle of ‘UAE Road Safety Monitor’ was commissioned by RoadSafetyUAE and QIC Insured and conducted by YouGov in August 2017, based on the views of a representative sample of 1,010 UAE residents. As a whole you can find positive trends all over. More people think good trends are …

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Top 10 selfie points at Dubai Motor Show

If it isn’t worth taking a picture of, it is not worth remembering; and if it isn’t worth a selfie, don’t even bother talking about it. Because you want to be seen in places you ‘have to’ be seen in! And let the world know where is passion taking you …

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A royal ride at Ahmedabad vintage car museum

There are vintage car museums all over the world. Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad stands apart not only with a truly venerable collection of majestic carriages, but also for the rare opportunity it gives visitors to ride in some of them. Most of the cars here have celebrated …

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500 ways to experience Tuscany

Driving a 1971 Fiat 500 anywhere else in the world would be another vintage thing-to-do. In Florence, it’s almost an everyday experience, and that is the charm of it!  I was as excited as my three year old to see the little cars in green, blue and yellow. Putting it …

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Now, you can modify your vehicle legally

At what point do bigger brake discs become unsafe? How enthusiastic can you get about reboring? How far can your tyres be tracked out? How loud can your exhaust notes be without waking up the police, if you aren’t worried about neighbours? You might know where to get these modifications …

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Look who is chasing the Golf GTI Clubsport!

Both of them are similar in the way they attract selfies. Both have association with sport. Both happen to boast a heritage, closely followed by enthusiasts in the region. And both of them are downright quick. Well, both have wings but only one does fly. I’m talking about the Peregrine …

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Supercharged Tesla Odyssey: From UK to Netherlands via Pikes Peak and Pau-Arnos

July began with a buzz for me. Quite literally, considering the source of it was Tesla, for the most part. There was the Tesla store opening in Dubai coming up, in the second week. There was Drivemeonline’s 6th birthday turning up even sooner and, around the same time, something I’ve …

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JD Power reveals new cars with least problems

The results of the 2017 JD Power Survey are out and some of the cars featuring in it could be unfamiliar to our region. However, it still warrants some attention as the results of the study does have an influence on many brands that are present here. The JD Power …

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First Aston Martin with AMR Badge Announced

AMR stands for Aston Martin Racing as announced at the Geneva Motor Show, hardly three months ago. Now, Aston Martin has revealed the Vantage AMR as the first model in the series to go into production. AMR to Aston Martin is what AMG is to Mercedes or what M means …

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