Road Trip to the future: Day 3

Sudeep Koshy writes about the electric cars being tested, charging stations being installed, and the positive influence being cast along the 1217 km of Electric Vehicle Road Trip across UAE and Oman that he is currently a part of. Sohar has remained a red dot on my map. Every time …

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Electric Adventure: Across UAE and Oman in an EV

Unfamiliarity is the root of fear and doubt. It’s the same for the silent shadows in the deserted alleys and for the stealthily advancing technology of clean energy. Then there is the anxiety that stems from the knowledge of haplessness – the sheer absence of support beyond the urban confines …

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Road safety thought to improve while enjoyment trails

The 5th cycle of ‘UAE Road Safety Monitor’ was commissioned by RoadSafetyUAE and QIC Insured and conducted by YouGov in August 2017, based on the views of a representative sample of 1,010 UAE residents. As a whole you can find positive trends all over. More people think good trends are …

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Top 10 selfie points at Dubai Motor Show

If it isn’t worth taking a picture of, it is not worth remembering; and if it isn’t worth a selfie, don’t even bother talking about it. Because you want to be seen in places you ‘have to’ be seen in! And let the world know where is passion taking you …

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A royal ride at Ahmedabad vintage car museum

There are vintage car museums all over the world. Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad stands apart not only with a truly venerable collection of majestic carriages, but also for the rare opportunity it gives visitors to ride in some of them. Most of the cars here have celebrated …

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I wore a tyre around my wrist and it looked good!

Watches get me ticking if they are innovative, compelling and very, very good looking. So, when I got an invitation from Roger Dubuis, it initially came across as one of the perks of being an Editor who has something to do with wheels, whether they came with a chassis or …

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A New Year editorial in February

A new year begins when the new officially happens. There is so much happening around my desk and on the road that even this hello had to wait! So, you might ask me, “so what’s new?” and I would say, “You will know.” What I can only tell you is …

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I bought a BMW with what I saved in a year of not smoking

That title is not click bait. Much as it might seem a false claim or a tall one, it is the truth that I proudly share. Stuff that I hope to inspire you with, if you are a smoker. And encouragement I hope you will pass around, if you are …

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2016 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: The last donuts

The ironies in life make it all the more intriguing. That seems to ring true for a stellar event like the F1 finals too, as Yas Marina Circuit delivered its final twists on Sunday, keeping some happy, some a tad disappointed but all on their toes till the end! Drama …

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My second visit to the first ever Rolls-Royce boutique

I was back at the Rolls-Royce boutique sooner than anticipated, and I had an agenda. It is just over three weeks since the world’s first ‘Rolls-Royce Boutique’ was opened to the world. Situated at the gateway of the City Walk Main Street, the vectorized pixel-animation screens of the boutique walls …

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