Now, you can modify your vehicle legally

At what point do bigger brake discs become unsafe? How enthusiastic can you get about reboring? How far can your tyres be tracked out? How loud can your exhaust notes be without waking up the police, if you aren’t worried about neighbours? You might know where to get these modifications …

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First Aston Martin with AMR Badge Announced

AMR stands for Aston Martin Racing as announced at the Geneva Motor Show, hardly three months ago. Now, Aston Martin has revealed the Vantage AMR as the first model in the series to go into production. AMR to Aston Martin is what AMG is to Mercedes or what M means …

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Jaguar XE SV Project 8: Collector’s edition speed machine

If Jaguar was asking themselves ‘What if” while the Special Vehicle Operations worked on Project 7, the limited edition Jaguar F-Type, now they seem to be asking “Why not?” Jaguar Land Rover SVO is at work again, and this time the result is the most powerful ever road legal Jaguar …

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Nostalgia Classic Cars: The launch of a dream

Aptly located in the midst of art galleries and installations, Nostalgia Classic Cars is the new one stop destination for classic cars in Dubai. A place where you could simply lounge out and read up on your favourite classic cars; or better still, buy your dream classic. If that weren’t …

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Brand new 1957 JAGUAR XKSS for 4.6 million dirhams!

Jaguar Classic has unveiled an authentic XKSS handcrafted to exact 1957 specification. Only 9 will be built to make up for lost originals. Last Thursday, Petersen Museum, Los Angeles, exhibited two classic Jaguar XKSS cars – one was a British racing green; the other a close Sherwood green. One belonged …

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My second visit to the first ever Rolls-Royce boutique

I was back at the Rolls-Royce boutique sooner than anticipated, and I had an agenda. It is just over three weeks since the world’s first ‘Rolls-Royce Boutique’ was opened to the world. Situated at the gateway of the City Walk Main Street, the vectorized pixel-animation screens of the boutique walls …

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Nissan Patrol extends capability range

Nissan Patrol introduces a V6 version at long last, along with a Gannas Edition that is exclusive to Abu Dhabi dealer. ‘Gannas’ means a hunting expedition. Quite like Safari. Nissan Patrol brings back the spirit of the Safari with a new variant built for the serious off-roaders in the region …

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McLaren Special: Carbon Series LT

Twenty five more have been chosen to wear the prestigious LT badge – ‘long tail’ in long hand – and all of them have been sold before the world gets a chance to read about them. Following the visual triumph of the McLaren P1™ at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren …

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Living the essence of Aston Martin

Aston Martin launches the Art of Living by Aston Martin – a translation of the spirit and craft of Aston Martin to include an exclusive range of lifestyle products, services and experiences through carefully nurtured commercial partnerships. A week from now, Le Mans will wake up to the roar of …

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POWER PLUS: Ferrari 488 GTB

This is one of those stories about which I really don’t care how the words turn out. Because the figures speak of the power it generates and simply by looking at these visuals you can hear the machine roar. Meet the Ferrari 488 GTB – re-interpreted by Novitec Rosso. NOVITEC …

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