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I chase the F1 dream in a shuttle bus

An exciting tour of the home of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and several other thrilling options make the summer exciting at Yas, at some very special prices! It’s a perfect morning out for the whole family, because most families have at least one enthusiast, and now you can enjoy …

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Twist. Turn. Tick. Tock. I go karting at Yas!

Yas Marina Circuit offers you exciting ways to get to know the celebrated racing destination this summer – whether you wish to do it by foot, squatting or sideways. Whizz… went this car past me before slipping in and out of lanes and spaces barely enough to keep its both …

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Fun and learning from the Formula E finale

In this goodbye feature to 2016 Formula E, I’m squeezing the last drops of fun, learning and interesting facts out of the backstage talks that followed the final race of Formula E, earlier this month. Content and image courtesy: CNN Supercharged Sebastien Buemi is the new Formula E world champion …

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For safer roads in Ramadan and beyond

In the first 15 days of Ramadan, the Command & Control Centre of Police recorded 7273 traffic accidents, of which 26 were of serious nature. With the peak of summer coinciding with the month of Ramadan, responsible automotive and tyre companies have been leading the campaign for safety with free …

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One new parking rule you can’t afford to forget

As I inserted first of my four ‘hard-earned’ coins (exchanged from a reluctant storekeeper) into the sun-drenched parking meter, an elderly man waved at me from a distance, as though to dissuade me from completing my action. Confused, I waited till he came closer. Happy to save my money from …

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McLaren Special: Carbon Series LT

Twenty five more have been chosen to wear the prestigious LT badge – ‘long tail’ in long hand – and all of them have been sold before the world gets a chance to read about them. Following the visual triumph of the McLaren P1™ at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren …

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Living the essence of Aston Martin

Aston Martin launches the Art of Living by Aston Martin – a translation of the spirit and craft of Aston Martin to include an exclusive range of lifestyle products, services and experiences through carefully nurtured commercial partnerships. A week from now, Le Mans will wake up to the roar of …

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POWER PLUS: Ferrari 488 GTB

This is one of those stories about which I really don’t care how the words turn out. Because the figures speak of the power it generates and simply by looking at these visuals you can hear the machine roar. Meet the Ferrari 488 GTB – re-interpreted by Novitec Rosso. NOVITEC …

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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept: Ravishing red

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is automotive heritage, the charm of motoring, even a glimpse of the future. This year’s motto itself was Back to the future – the journey continues. Last weekend, the exquisite hotel of Villa d’Este, which is also a world heritage site, set the perfect place …

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There is something common between the white Bentley and the black car in the background. CLUE: It’s in the name and of course, the similarity stops right there! You get 5 days to name the black car AND what the two have in common. Contest closes on Monday, 2nd of May at 11:00 pm GST. Fill in …

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