Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept: Ravishing red

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is automotive heritage, the charm of motoring, even a glimpse of the future. This year’s motto itself was Back to the future – the journey continues. Last weekend, the exquisite hotel of Villa d’Este, which is also a world heritage site, set the perfect place …

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There is something common between the white Bentley and the black car in the background. CLUE: It’s in the name and of course, the similarity stops right there! You get 5 days to name the black car AND what the two have in common. Contest closes on Monday, 2nd of May at 11:00 pm GST. Fill in …

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Fuelling change: The Toyota Prius Story

They say two heads are better than one. Well, that happens to be the story of a hybrid’s life. Optimising the use of a petrol engine and an electric motor, Toyota Prius was the first passenger car that managed to make headway in hybrid technology, against challenges that included an …

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Two supercars and high tea, reviving English tradition

The breeze from the Creek had to climb high walls to get a glimpse of the glory of British motoring, spread out on those manicured lawns. The historic crests and proud grilles of Morgan, Caterham, Morris Garages, Alvis, Lotus and even an E-Type gleamed in the highlights of the evening. …

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Formula E: Racing past history in Mexico City

The bend where Ayrton Senna escaped a Formula 1 crash, but sealed the fate of the corner… Carrot, the electric car sharing scheme that can take 10,000 cars off Mexican streets… this episode of CNN SuperCharged is full of interesting and exciting facts! For CNN’s Nicki Shields and all those …

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Nissan GT-R lands Drifting world record at 305 kmph

That speed is good enough to have records flying around like paper scraps. Whether you are going on straights, curves, bends or… even sideways. On Thursday the 7th, the three kilometer long runway of Fujairah International Airport witnessed airborne pride and thrill branding the runway in its fiery style. Masato …

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Formula E: The Future SuperCharged

Hot on the heels of the Formula E series, as CNN SuperCharged races through some of the world’s most glamorous city centres, Drivemeonline brings you a priority-access feature with exclusive videos, from the reports and shows compiled and anchored by renowned sports presenter Nicki Shields. The Formula E racing season …

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BMW 750 Li Solitaire: One in six worth one and a half million

Every Rolls Royce that comes to this market is custom made. In fact, every year, insightful marketing professionals work hand in hand with designers to create innovative concepts on its luxurious canvas. But did you know that there is a BMW 7-series that can rival a Rolls in price? Being …

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All is new, including world’s first one minute drive reviews

Four months to turning five. It’s that time in the lifecycle of anything automotive when a refreshed design is contemplated, efficiency is revisited and a turbocharger claims ideological supremacy over the natural heir to motor-dom. It is the time when marketing overrules engineering’s insistence that a brighter LED panel and …

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Land Rover Defender. The end.

Lucky me. Last July, I paid GBP 225 for a Land Rover experience drive at Solihull and 45 sterling pounds for a tour of the Defender factory. Lucky, not because I spent a hefty 270 pounds to do that. It bloody well should have been signed off with a “waived” …

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