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Top 10 selfie points at Dubai Motor Show

If it isn’t worth taking a picture of, it is not worth remembering; and if it isn’t worth a selfie, don’t even bother talking about it. Because you want to be seen in places you ‘have to’ be seen in! And let the world know where is passion taking you …

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JD Power reveals new cars with least problems

The results of the 2017 JD Power Survey are out and some of the cars featuring in it could be unfamiliar to our region. However, it still warrants some attention as the results of the study does have an influence on many brands that are present here. The JD Power …

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Two seconds and counting backwards

If strategy wins a war, the F1 pit lane would be where it is celebrated most. Nowhere else perhaps is the role of ‘back-end’ so obvious in the racing game as when twenty two people stand and scamper to prepare the car before you can blink again: with an F1 …

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BMW overtakes Mercedes as VW falters in Interbrand Rankings

Usually, the Interbrand rankings are quite predictable and there are no earthshattering changes in the top automotive brands featured in the 100 top global brands. This time it is different. In fact, there are some interesting changes, though not altogether unpredictable. The three headline-worthy news are: Mercedes has been pushed …

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