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Opel Astra 2015 Review: I know why it was on TopGear

The opportunity for a test comes by when my car goes into its rare mode of ‘repair needed’. This time, it was a ‘long-term’ test as a part wasn’t to arrive until a month later and thankfully, they didn’t have the heart to take the substitute back! Now, it would …

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Aston Martin Rapide S 2017: Added touches

Zero has no weight alone. But six zeros are too compelling and almost irrefutable. Which is why I admire the owners of the Aston Martin Rapide S even more than I admire the car. They are the embodiment of purity and restraint when it comes to driving pleasure and wanton desire, respectively.  …

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Mercedes V-Class First Drive: V for family!

The MPV from Mercedes has been rechristened as the V-Class, just taking the bit most families would need from an SUV in the real world. Is this right for your family? A long drive with some driving around cones is just as good a way to find out, as any …

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The Ferrari 488 Spider Experience

It’s a pleasure to watch the red horse trotting along Jumeirah beach, pausing at signals or parking itself by the little malls for admiring eyes to feast on. Those strolling along The Walk at JBR could find their walk worthwhile if they get a fill of a Ferrari moving at …

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2016 Maserati Quattroporte V8 GTS: Silk ties with Zegna

Update: The 2017 Maserati Quattroporte with a mid-life refresh was revealed at the Paris Motor Show a few weeks ago. And the word is that, the last Italian vanguard of purist driving has given in to the inevitable assault of driver assistance packages preferred by lesser mortals! But that hasn’t …

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Bentley Mulsanne Speed review: 18 feet, 8 heads and it roars…

Spitting fire from its oval exhausts and spinning 1100 Nm, the king of torque is an obvious title for the Bentley Mulsanne Speed. What made Bentley create a leviathan with such formidable power is the first question that pops up. Does the fastest Bentley make for an enjoyable drive is the next. UPSIDE: …

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Ferrari 488 GTB Review: Ferrari with a twist

While Maranello has held out as the last bastion for the hard-core fans of naturally aspirated engines, its donjons have lowered their guard from time to time, only to raise the flag of performance. The 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO and the F40 have gone down in history as the fastest …

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Rolls-Royce Black Badge: Driven and drooled over

Phantom. Silver Seraph. Ghost. Wraith. Starting with their names, there is a dark mystique that shrouds the Rolls-Royce motorcars, just as the impenetrable lives of their super-rich owners. If power and luxury had a colour, what else could it then be, but black? And if Drivemeonline were to celebrate the …

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Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 Review: Seven out of five

Pedigree is an enviable thing. Like Paris Hilton’s poodle that makes the world go green, cuddling up to her and counting eyeballs, while lapping up what dribbles down the glass that the heiress holds. The Land Rover Discovery Sport has pedigree but it is no toy poodle. THE SPECS: 2.0 …

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2016 Honda Civic RS Review: Black gloss and a turbocharger

Sorry Omar. They don’t sell the Civic Type-R here anymore. But this could be your box of tissues Omar… The new Honda Civic RS. The Civic RS sure looks the part. If the Honda Civic exterior is ‘uplifted’, the RS turns it into a ‘celebration’. But you might actually think, …

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