Mercedes E Class 2017 Review: Say ‘S’ to E

The Mercedes E Class in its tenth generation seems to deserve the summary, ‘the S-class alternative’ even as it clearly sets the difference between boxy and sexy. The Design In the past couple of years, Mercedes models have seen a collective design uplift like they haven’t done in the past …

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Audi A4 2016 review: Technically new

If you have ever been impressed by the way an Audi A4 looks, you will still be. If you’ve admired the practicality of its cabin, now you may appreciate how awesome practical can get. Starting with new engines and a brand new transmission, the Audi A4 defines its existence – …

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Review on Demand: 2016 Infiniti QX50

Starting a new feature on Drivemeonline. REVIEW ON DEMAND! In response to reader requests and queries, ‘if situation permits’ a quick test will be initiated and a brief review posted. This is the first! Quick glance: 3.7L V6 engine / 7-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode / Intelligent All Wheel Drive / …

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Geely Emgrand GT Review: Gatecrasher’s Ticket

There are more reasons than what meet the eye to take the Geely Emgrand GT more seriously than all the fireworks in China town. Much of the safety and technology of the Emgrand GT is undersigned by Volvo, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geely. As announced during the …

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Toyota Prius 2016 review: Fewer stops en route to future

The future set sail twenty years ago, but washed up on our shores just a few weeks ago. The 4th generation Toyota Prius has come a long way from the hybrid that won the hearts of early adapters to being the world’s largest selling at 3.5 million so far. The …

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Ssangyong Tivoli Review: The Worthy Korean

At the end of the first day of driving the Tivoli, the response is rather positive to SsangYong’s first-ever compact SUV. I had two people asking me when the review would go online; two passengers and three onlookers lending their approving nods and, to top it all, an eager SMS …

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Volvo S60 Polestar Review: A rebel in blue

A Volvo painted like a Bugatti just cannot be silly business. Sitting like an ice mint in rebel blue, the S60 Polestar brought me memories of the Polestar concept that I had the good fortune of seeing in action on the Dubai Autodrome tracks, the only time it went around …

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Nissan Maxima 2016 Review: Deciphering inscriptions

Like a promise sealed into molten plastic, a figure and four letters repose on the cold lamp shields of the Nissan Maxima. They are the guiding lights in developing the eighth generation Maxima, and more so in marketing it. This test drive is a mission to decode those letters and …

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Volkswagen Golf R 2015 review: Razor-sharp

I love smoked salmons but the smoked tail lamps of the new Golf R, even more. With power burstin’ at its seams, you don’t have to be smokin’ fast all the time in the fastest ever Golf R. Just borrowing it in bursts simply adds up to an exhilarating drive.

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Peugeot 208 GT Line Review: One for the ramp

Last year, when the 208 GTI broke into ice (as literally as the commercial depicted) on an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe, it never made inroads into the UAE hot hatch arena. While it is still unclear when any of those challenger GTI models from Peugeot will hit the market, …

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