Maserati GranTurismo 2018 Review: Natural Aspiration

Familiar muscle in a fresh finish snarled out of the Maserati garage – looking like a cloudy, ominous day. The looks that spent a decade being loved still celebrate the aggressive best of a gentleman. The exterior change was namesake and immediately visible in the bold vertical bars on the …

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Scrapped Mustangs kept alive and ticking!

Do cars have an after life? While most of them would ‘live on’ in classic car museums or framed as a living room memory, a Mustang that serves its time in the automotive world could come back into your personal space – alive and ticking. Visibly featuring traits of a …

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Road safety thought to improve while enjoyment trails

The 5th cycle of ‘UAE Road Safety Monitor’ was commissioned by RoadSafetyUAE and QIC Insured and conducted by YouGov in August 2017, based on the views of a representative sample of 1,010 UAE residents. As a whole you can find positive trends all over. More people think good trends are …

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My first F-150 drive in a hundred years!

There must have been more than 150 of them, and they came in all shapes and cabin sizes. Base versions were few and performance models were plenty, for F-150 has a way of compelling owners to make the monster look even more formidable. The group was commemorating the 100th anniversary …

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Two Range Rovers meet at Dubai Motor Show

Five years from its advent, the Range Rover of the fourth wave looked as fresh and new as it was on my first drive. As I climbed in, the red leather seemed just as inviting; the touch screen quadrant as simple and uncomplicated. After all, this was the model still …

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Jaguar F-Type R review: The one with the F one

It sounded nothing like the Formula 1 car, weighed twice as much, and took almost double the time to fly past the 100 kmph mark. Still, this Jaguar was rather quick to get there, went almost as fast and sounded absolutely fantastic! And if you consider its name, the F-Type …

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8 not to miss cars at Dubai Motor Show

When the door opens this evening to what is perhaps the most excitingly balanced motor show till date, there are some cars you have to create boxes in your mind for – and tick them no matter what. Actually there is more, but these stands for the models we all …

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Peugeot 3008 Review: The ‘different’ car of the year

Change begins from within. Indeed. But until it shows, it won’t be recognized by the world. And when a brand wishes to convey how exciting and transformed it has become, they had better look at the skeleton and skin, and throw the ones in the cupboard out. Peugeot has big …

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Renault Zoe First Drive: Switching on an e-ra

It was about time. Questions about electric cars were getting harder to answer. Answers began with Tesla and didn’t get very far. Yet, a Tesla that everyone could put on their buying list rather than their wish list was still somewhat far. Nissan Leaf had moved to the second generation …

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Lexus LC 500h Review: Future classic

Tapering to a sporty pout around the hood and spacing out progressively, this Lexus looks fast. But the two letters that manufacturers adorn fast cars with are nowhere to be seen. Instead Lexus has defined this with an LC badge – Luxury Coupe. Still, it looks like one you can …

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