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Geneva Gems 2017: McLaren 720S

In a 710 hp car that is poised to challenge the Ferrari 488 GTB, the braking power supersedes the humungous acceleration power and the most impressive feature happens to be a revolutionary folding driver display. The ingenious info screen The new McLaren Driver Interface and central information screen use two …

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Geneva Gems 2017: Range Rover Velar

In the first 35 years of its life as a luxury SUV, Range Rover was content being a restricted-access chamber in the Land Rover mansion. Then came the Range Rover Sport in 2005, expanding the popularity, reach and urban capability of the luxury SUV. In six years, the family was …

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Nissan Kicks Review: Urban crossroads

Nine months after its launch during the Brazil Olympics, Nissan Kicks is in the GCC to champion the urban crossover concept. It has landed the prime space so far occupied by two key models in the Nissan array – the Juke and the Tiida. Agreed, the funky hunchback crossover will …

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Geely Emgrand GT V6: Powerful entry!

The Geely Emgrand GT amazed early gold-diggers with astounding value, and with how little they had to dig for it! Now, to those who were shameless enough to wish for even more, Geely has said a big yes with a V6 engine and ingots of luxury! THE SPECS: 3.5L V6, …

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Switch on Tesla: Model S and Model X are now in the UAE

At a venue that discussed sustainability of the nation and what’s good for the earth, Tesla made its verbal entry into UAE, later to take centre stage at the celebratory event at Armani hotel. Finally Tesla is here, officially. I have seen a few Tesla models in UAE, brought in …

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A New Year editorial in February

A new year begins when the new officially happens. There is so much happening around my desk and on the road that even this hello had to wait! So, you might ask me, “so what’s new?” and I would say, “You will know.” What I can only tell you is …

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I bought a BMW with what I saved in a year of not smoking

That title is not click bait. Much as it might seem a false claim or a tall one, it is the truth that I proudly share. Stuff that I hope to inspire you with, if you are a smoker. And encouragement I hope you will pass around, if you are …

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Bentley Continental Supersports is back with a bang

Bentley has launched what is, till date, its fastest and most powerful production model – the third iteration in the Supersports legacy. A top speed of 336 km/h (209 mph) and a 0-100 kmph time of 3.5 seconds (0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds) are hello facts for what Crewe calls the …

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Aston Martin Rapide S 2017: Added touches

Zero has no weight alone. But six zeros are too compelling and almost irrefutable. Which is why I admire the owners of the Aston Martin Rapide S even more than I admire the car. They are the embodiment of purity and restraint when it comes to driving pleasure and wanton desire, respectively.  …

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New Lamborghini Aventador S: Firing from four corners

The next generation of the viciously elegantly aggressively graceful Aventador has been revealed with a naturally aspirated V12 engine now giving out 40 horsepower more. The new model has a top speed of 350 kmph and can stretch out to 100 kmph speeds in 2.9 seconds from standstill. The Aventador …

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