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Honda Civic Review 2016: Chisels, hammers and sunglasses

The tale of the new Honda Civic is one of convenience and appeal more than anything else. Its design is a prelude to the sea change in the model itself with three grades, and two new engines. The larger engine isn’t the most powerful but it’s my choice for the …

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Mercedes E Class 2017 Review: Say ‘S’ to E

The Mercedes E Class in its tenth generation seems to deserve the summary, ‘the S-class alternative’ even as it clearly sets the difference between boxy and sexy. The Design In the past couple of years, Mercedes models have seen a collective design uplift like they haven’t done in the past …

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POWER PLUS: Ferrari 488 GTB

This is one of those stories about which I really don’t care how the words turn out. Because the figures speak of the power it generates and simply by looking at these visuals you can hear the machine roar. Meet the Ferrari 488 GTB – re-interpreted by Novitec Rosso. NOVITEC …

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2017 Nissan GT-R gets the NISMO boost

The warrior makes a debut on home ground. The new Nissan GT-R NISMO raced down the Nürburgring for the first time today. One of the most challenging of tracks in the world, this is where Nissan GT-R’s potent performance was crafted and fine-tuned. At one glance, the GT-R NISMO shares …

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Audi A4 2016 review: Technically new

If you have ever been impressed by the way an Audi A4 looks, you will still be. If you’ve admired the practicality of its cabin, now you may appreciate how awesome practical can get. Starting with new engines and a brand new transmission, the Audi A4 defines its existence – …

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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept: Ravishing red

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is automotive heritage, the charm of motoring, even a glimpse of the future. This year’s motto itself was Back to the future – the journey continues. Last weekend, the exquisite hotel of Villa d’Este, which is also a world heritage site, set the perfect place …

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Geely Emgrand GT Review: Gatecrasher’s Ticket

There are more reasons than what meet the eye to take the Geely Emgrand GT more seriously than all the fireworks in China town. Much of the safety and technology of the Emgrand GT is undersigned by Volvo, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geely. As announced during the …

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Toyota Prius 2016 review: Fewer stops en route to future

The future set sail twenty years ago, but washed up on our shores just a few weeks ago. The 4th generation Toyota Prius has come a long way from the hybrid that won the hearts of early adapters to being the world’s largest selling at 3.5 million so far. The …

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Paris e Prix champion dares F1 champs to go electric!

Formula E’s pre-race edition takes us to dreamy Paris, where Di Grassi is preparing for the race he went on to win and muses on how trying these tracks could be for his former Formula 1 rivals Vettel and Hamilton. Watch this fascinating talk on CNN SuperCharged; read it right here. Paris is …

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New Infiniti QX 60 and QX 50 keep the good stuff

The newly-launched Infiniti crossovers are family friendly but also flaunt some serious street style. Gone are the days when family cars were assumed to be sensible, no-frill, functional cars that accounted for every fil funneled from the monthly budget. Talk about a seven-seater crossover with pizzazz – the new Infiniti …

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