The Ferrari 488 Spider Experience

It’s a pleasure to watch the red horse trotting along Jumeirah beach, pausing at signals or parking itself by the little malls for admiring eyes to feast on. Those strolling along The Walk at JBR could find their walk worthwhile if they get a fill of a Ferrari moving at …

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Bentley Mulsanne Speed review: 18 feet, 8 heads and it roars…

Spitting fire from its oval exhausts and spinning 1100 Nm, the king of torque is an obvious title for the Bentley Mulsanne Speed. What made Bentley create a leviathan with such formidable power is the first question that pops up. Does the fastest Bentley make for an enjoyable drive is the next. UPSIDE: …

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Ferrari 488 GTB Review: Ferrari with a twist

While Maranello has held out as the last bastion for the hard-core fans of naturally aspirated engines, its donjons have lowered their guard from time to time, only to raise the flag of performance. The 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO and the F40 have gone down in history as the fastest …

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Audi A4 2016 review: Technically new

If you have ever been impressed by the way an Audi A4 looks, you will still be. If you’ve admired the practicality of its cabin, now you may appreciate how awesome practical can get. Starting with new engines and a brand new transmission, the Audi A4 defines its existence – …

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Geely Emgrand GT Review: Gatecrasher’s Ticket

There are more reasons than what meet the eye to take the Geely Emgrand GT more seriously than all the fireworks in China town. Much of the safety and technology of the Emgrand GT is undersigned by Volvo, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geely. As announced during the …

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Ssangyong Tivoli Review: The Worthy Korean

At the end of the first day of driving the Tivoli, the response is rather positive to SsangYong’s first-ever compact SUV. I had two people asking me when the review would go online; two passengers and three onlookers lending their approving nods and, to top it all, an eager SMS …

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Volvo S60 Polestar Review: A rebel in blue

A Volvo painted like a Bugatti just cannot be silly business. Sitting like an ice mint in rebel blue, the S60 Polestar brought me memories of the Polestar concept that I had the good fortune of seeing in action on the Dubai Autodrome tracks, the only time it went around …

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Nissan Maxima 2016 Review: Deciphering inscriptions

Like a promise sealed into molten plastic, a figure and four letters repose on the cold lamp shields of the Nissan Maxima. They are the guiding lights in developing the eighth generation Maxima, and more so in marketing it. This test drive is a mission to decode those letters and …

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BMW 750 Li Solitaire: One in six worth one and a half million

Every Rolls Royce that comes to this market is custom made. In fact, every year, insightful marketing professionals work hand in hand with designers to create innovative concepts on its luxurious canvas. But did you know that there is a BMW 7-series that can rival a Rolls in price? Being …

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Land Rover Defender. The end.

Lucky me. Last July, I paid GBP 225 for a Land Rover experience drive at Solihull and 45 sterling pounds for a tour of the Defender factory. Lucky, not because I spent a hefty 270 pounds to do that. It bloody well should have been signed off with a “waived” …

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