The Sonic was one of the most hyped automobile launches in recent months. “Sonic takes the plunge”. “Sonic goes underwater”. “Tom Cruise jumps from the Burj in a Sonic in MI-5!” OK, I made up the last one but overall, Chevrolet did successfully get ears cocked up for the Sonic. To read the Drive Review,…-a-sound-drive/

Style and practical 4-cone headlamps

Now that it’s finally there for you to see, whatever else it may be, it isn’t anything path-breaking. The hype makes the car lose some of its oomph at first sight but once you shrug off the cloak of over-sized expectation, you get to see a Chevy that’s much more stylish and aggressive than the Aveo – the car it shows the way out for!

Door handle where the quarter glass ought to be

Available in hatch and saloon versions, the hatch definitely looks more attractive and has the Chevy-styling that marks its hatchbacks of recent times. Like the rear-door handle that is vertically placed where the quarter glass used to be.

The headlight cluster makes the Sonic different at first glance itself. The four headline cones are separately mounted instead of one big polycarbonate compartment – like those on the Bimmers of the nineties. This means, in case of damage to any of those, they can be separately repaired or replaced – saving valuable dirhams. The next place where it saves money for you is while filling up. If it lives up to its claim of 15.2 km per liter mixed efficiency, this Chevy can shave off some serious expense over the year.

Friendly instrument panel with 'forced' hood design

Inside, the headroom is plenty and gives the small car a roomy feeling. The front windshield is extra-expansive and starts very low ahead of the dash, offering unprecedented road-view. Incidentally, the instrument panel is very driver-friendly but I found its protruding hood design to be forced and clumsy.

The drive itself wouldn’t be begging for power, as the spec sheet shows a 1.6 L engine – which should be an apt powerhouse for a car of this size. However, where the Sonic is believed to outweigh its competitors is in the safety cage that it promises to be. Equipped with top safety ratings and cheered on by the Auto press in the US, the Sonic seems to be a viable and reliable option for people looking for a small, sturdy car.

Sonic hatchback is the popular choice but sedan styling is available

However, there is one complication. With its full option currently priced at AED 58,500 and a higher grade (in power, size and style) Chevrolet Cruze top of the line available at just five grand more, why should the Sonic be the last stop for the willing buyer? May be a drive would explain that bit. But the Demo cars are yet to be in!

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