Hyundai Veloster turned many heads last year and continues to do so in the UAE and elsewhere in the Gulf. It’s also true that other than turning heads with its weirdly stunning design it also got some disapproving nods with its sluggish and heavy drive feel, though the car has a secure feeling about it and is still fun enough to be seen in.

Hyundai Veloster 2013 Turbo

The Veloster 2013 Turbo will produce 210 bhp unlike the 132 bhp model now available here

And now, Hyundai Veloster 2013 comes to the rescue, with its four-cylinder Turbo-powered engine that produces around 210 bhp from the 1.6 L displacement, which is a far roar from the 138 bhp from its most potent current version. The model pictured here is destined for the US market, with the UK version dated for a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The Middle East edition of the current Veloster having just entered at the Dubai Motor Show, the wait for the new turbo version could take us into the third quarter.

With its new Turbo engine, the Veloster 2013 is finally ready to live up to its looks!

The Veloster Turbo will feature a range of styling and chassis modifications as part of its overhaul. These include a more muscular front-end, flared arches and a deeper rear bumper, with a more sporty spring in its step, and suspension!

A range of styling and chassis modifications is part of the Veloster 2013 change.

Surprise: Watch out for the Veloster 2012 road run and review this month on!

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