Who put the Road Test notes in the refrigerator? Why does the Voice Recorder go mute when connected via Blue Tooth? Why isn’t there an automatic signal reader that translates thoughts into flawlessly crafted reviews? Why do you click 246 images when all you need is a dozen? Why do insignificant specs matter in a review that’s all about the drive… and by the way, who used that spec sheet to microwave the popcorn?

DriveMates, while we sort out these editorial issues at the desk (and away from it)… what’s shaping up is a set of very engaging reviews of the latest cars to hit the GCC. Here are some that will make the wait worthwhile this month, as soon as we sort out those questions!

Perhaps the first ever review of the monarch of the highways and highlands driven on UAE terrain - the scoop coming up soon!

This Korean is aiming to shake up the 7-seater market no matter which segment. Is the Santa Fe up to the mark of Hyundai's formidable mission? Find out soon.

Is the new German in town worthy of its German credentials? And is the OPC line noteworthy for a road-venturer? Before April ends, the DriveME verdict is out.

Alfa Romeo is back and Giulietta is leading the pack... Alfa fans tune in for the real facts on DriveME.

So what if you get to see a Subaru Legacy on fewer covers than you see Liam Neeson? This guy is terrific and deserves a slot in DriveME April reviews. Wait till you hear the price...

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