Safe drivers to be rewarded with White Points

Now, instead of driving in fear of black points, you can ply the Dubai roads – and the network across the UAE – in anticipation of the happy feat of achieving white points.

Dubai police have initiated a white points system to encourage motorists to follow traffic rules and help cancel black points.

The new Dubai Police initiative awards drivers of vehicles of UAE registration a point for each ‘clean’ month – clear of traffic or road toll (Salik) fines. Obviously, a motorist loses his entitlement to the month’s point if involved in any kind of accident or committed a violation during that month. This takes into account any traffic violation on the driver’s licence or on the vehicle and includes the traffic fines issued in other emirates, reports say. However, if you are lending your car to anyone, do so with a word of caution: because, both the driver and the owner of the vehicle will forego any white points for that month!

What do you do with your points?

After one year, drivers will be able to redeem the white points for gift vouchers at select outlets, or use them to cancel black points accrued either before or after the clean sheet.
If you keep a clean sheet for five continuous years, you will be eligible to enter a raffle to win a car. So stay safe and keep collecting your white points.

Siesta in the car could lead to death

You might never wake up from a siesta in your car on a sweltering afternoon, warns Dubai Police. The idea of a ‘power nap’ in a running car is a common sight in the commercial districts of the UAE and elsewhere. Medical experts discourage it strongly and recently, Dubai Police has also alerted the public against this practice for fear of suffocating to death inside the car. If something goes awry, it could take less than an hour for a person to die from suffocation inside the car.

Doesn’t matter whether your car is new or old - if mechanical features are not in perfect condition, the chance of the exhaust gases leaking into the cabin makes the car a dangerous place to sleep in.

The risk is especially high while a person is sleeping, because the person wouldn’t be aware of the reducing oxygen levels in the car. A leak from the exhaust can increase carbon monoxide levels, which in turn reduces oxygen in the blood. Dangerous levels of CO in the blood can cause a shock or at worst, even sudden death!

Air circulation in a closed environment could be compromised even if the AC is perfectly fine. Why, even if the AC is set to external circulation, some of the air can still get trapped inside causing a reduction in oxygen level. Now, you might ask why can’t the same happen in a running car. Yes, it is indeed a possibility. But the risk is reduced as you will be aware of the stuffiness that builds up or the feeling of breathlessness and counter it by rolling down the windows. On the other hand, you could be totally powerless while you enjoy your ‘power nap’!

Stop the engine when you leave the car. Saves you from wasting fuel, possibilities of theft and AED 300 in fines!

AED 300 fine for leaving car with engine on

Many new cars come with the option of remote starting and often it is used to keep your engines running and air-conditioning on before one gets into the car. Pretty useful feature, but did you know that you could end up paying for it if you chose to walk away with the engine running?

The law is in place since the beginning of the year and now Dubai Police has clarified that the fine will be AED 300 for the offence. There have been several cases of unattended cars stolen when left with their engines running. So the fact is your loss could be much more than just the fine of AED 300.

Don’t leave children in unattended cars

An even more important warning that the police have frequently issued is against leaving children unattended inside cars. In 2010, Dubai Police Rescue Department had received 85 calls about children stuck in hot cars. Several deaths have resulted from such instances of negligence and soaring temperatures can create a deadly environment in a car in less than ten minutes!

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