2012 is here and by the looks of it, it’s going to be exciting. All-new entrants, new avatars, timeless classics still worth dreaming about, and plenty of practical wheels… the line up on DriveME looks pretty inviting… Stay buckled up, DriveMates! May 2012 be an enjoyable drive for all of you…

Let’s jump-start the year with these January Drives – watch out for a couple of surprises! There will be more down the year, I promise…

Audi A6 2012

One of the most celebrated 2012 models, the multi-award winner A6 is what flags off the New Year’s drive. Gear up for a truly unforgettable ride!

Renault Safrane on DriveME

Renault has come a long way with its reputation for more value for your money and practical styling preceding its remarkable growth in this region. DriveME gets you on road with the Safrane!

Standing for everything French and nice, Peugeot has an MPV each for the big family, and the bigger one. Scoop up this double treat in Jan!

Peugeot 3008 and 5008

3008 and 5008 from Peugeot, for the family man!

New MG 6 Turbo

MG will be back on DriveME – this time with the sporty MG6 Turbo, with more value than sport in its boot!

DriveME Powerful Car January Surprise

And finally, to wind up the first month of the New Year, an exotic surprise. A true classic, and every driver’s dream… Name it with awe-struck eyes. Await it with baited breath!

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