Mazda marks the advent of “SKYACTIV Technology” with the Middle East premiere of CX 5.

The much awaited CX5 made its entry into Middle East at the Dubai Motor Show.

Since the Frankfurt Motor Show, where the model was first unveiled, critics and consumers around the world has been eagerly anticipating the compact SUV from Mazda. Already a celebrity of sorts, the Mazda CX-5 has been heralded as the first in a long line of Mazda models to incorporate its latest SKYACTIV technology – a futuristic technology that gives higher fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.

Mazda CX5 enters as CX7 is discontinued, defining future path for the company with SkyActiv technology.

The new SKYACTIV design is 10 percent lighter, 30 percent lower in friction, 15 percent more fuel efficient, and 15 percent more energetic at low and midrange rpm. Together, they suggest a quicker and economical vehicle.

Mazda CX5 features a six-speed automatic gear that is 4 – 7 % more fuel efficient, with a large part of its enhanced efficiency being its ability to spend more time ‘locked up’, reducing torque converter slippage end providing a shift experience that’s nearer to the feel and efficiency of a manual transmission.

SkyActiv technology is considered Mazda's biggest claim to the future and the world market.

The technology behind: To deliver adequate acceleration with exemplary fuel efficiency the Mazda CX 5 pushes the limits with a 13.0:1 compression ratio, direct injection, variable intake-and-exhaust valve timing, and a carefully tuned 4x2x1 exhaust manifold. The Atkinson cycle allows use of an extra-long expansion stroke for maximum mileage with no need for premium gasoline.

Kodo – The soul of motion

Mazda’s new design philosophy – Kodo, meaning “Soul of Motion”, is responsible for creating a handsome, well-proportioned compact SUV. From its steering weight, feel and accuracy, to its taut body control, effortless transmission and sporty performance, the CX-5 is Mazda’s flight into the future on the wings of SkyActiv technology.

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