Next week, Paris will witness a change to the fairly new GTC4Lusso as it gains a suffix – the T that stands for Turbo-charged. The GTC4 Lusso T as it will be called, the luxurious ‘everyday Ferrari’ will be the first four-seat Ferrari with a turbo-charged engine and the third Ferrari to be driven by the new 3.9L turbo pot, which will add more torque despite detaching four cylinders from the 12 the four-seater originally had.

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It was just seven months ago at the Geneva Motor Show that the GTC4Lusso was revealed with more firepower, and the first ever rear wheel steering combination in a four-wheel drive Ferrari. With more gusto, it was presented as more than just an upgrade to the Ferrari FF.

Get introduced to the GTC4Lusso and learn what those letters stand for.

Brush up your memory of the Ferrari FF drive

The GTC4Lusso still pulsated with the power of a 6.3 L V12 that had an output of 680 hp (690cv) at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 697 Nm at 5,750 rpm. In comparison, the FF used to deliver 651 hp and 683 Nm.

The 3.9L eight-cylinder turbo-charged engine (which is the “2016 International Engine of the Year”) produces 610 cv at 7500 rpm and 760 Nm of torque between 3000 and 5250 rpm in the new GTC4Lusso T. In comparison, the same engine in the 488GTB produces 670 cv and 760 Nm of torque at its peak. The difference is seen in the extra half a second the four-seat Ferrari needs to get to 100 kmph from standstill.

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The GTC4Lusso T V8 is designed to suit daily urban driving, thanks to the turbo’s signature characteristics: a rich soundtrack at high speeds that get subdued at lower speeds, nimbleness and responsiveness that come from the generous yet modular torque delivery, and an excellent range.

The new GT will deliver dynamic driving through a combination of rear-wheel-only drive, four-wheel steering, reduced overall weight and increased weight bias towards the rear (46:54). The 4WS (four-wheel steering), which is integrated with Side Slip Control (SSC3), makes for a more rapid response to steering wheel inputs in corners, as the rear wheels are steered in the same direction as the front ones.

Straight-line performance would feel better at low speeds through Variable Boost Management and the promised zero turbo lag in its throttle response. Thanks to variable torque curves (VBM) between 3rd and 5th gear, longitudinal acceleration is consistent from gear-to-gear, increasing smoothly with engine speed, resulting in a feeling of unique sportiness and progress.

The GTC4Lusso T’s styling adds Ferrari elegance to the shooting brake coupé, with the extremely streamlined, tapered shape lending it more of a fastback silhouette. The new tailpipes form custom-built accessory and the GTC4Lusso T can be fitted with dedicated 20” sports wheels.

The cabin features Dual Cockpit architecture for an enhanced driving experience shared between the driver and passenger. The infotainment system is the latest, complete with an impressive 10.25” HD capacitive touchscreen.

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GTC4Lusso T – Technical specifications in brief


Type                                                               V8 – 90° Turbo

Overall displacement                                             3,855 cc

Bore and stroke                                           86.5 mm x 82 mm

Maximum power output*                            449 kW (610 cv) at 7,500 rpm

Maximum torque                                          760 Nm at 3,000 – 5,250 rpm

Dimensions and weight

Length                                                           4,922 mm

Width                                                              1,980 mm

Height                                                            1,383 mm

Dry weight **                                                 1,740 kg

Weight distribution                                      46% front – 54% rear



Maximum speed                                          >320 km/h

0-100 km/h                                                   3.5 sec

*Power expressed in kW and cv for reasons of homogeneity. With 98 RON fuel

**Fit-out with specific optional extras

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