Today, it is one year since was officially introduced to a community that has a lot of fun being serious about cars. Perhaps it is more appropriate to count the progress of an automotive journal in terms of the miles covered rather than the length of time: That is 115 posts, 38 cars reviewed and 16000 km clocked in the course of a year.

As celebrates its first anniversary, we will go on some exclusive drives all through July. Some are the dreams of millions; some others are new entrants that dream of getting millions dreaming.

In keeping the journal ticking, there have been times when I stood at the crossroads, unsure of which way to go. There is one rule that guides in such situations: Every road leads somewhere. And when the journey is the purpose itself you really don’t mind where you are headed, as long as you are enjoying the drive.

The truth is, long hauls are made enjoyable by companions. Thank you for making the drive enjoyable so far. And stay buckled up for more!

Sudeep Koshy


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