There is something common between the white Bentley and the black car in the background. CLUE: It’s in the name and of course, the similarity stops right there!

You get 5 days to name the black car AND what the two have in common. Contest closes on Monday, 2nd of May at 11:00 pm GST.

Fill in your answers below in the COMMENTS / REPLY section and don’t forget to mention your 3 favourite car brands (at least two, please!). Because, your prize could be an accessory from one of them!

ANSWER: Hi all! The clue clearly said the similarity was in the name. I was looking for the two letters ‘GT’. The white car is the Bentley Continental GT and the black one is the Geely Emgrand GT. That is what the Geely Emgrand GC9 is known as in UAE and Oman.

Thank you all who identified the car right, and answered.  I take your point of view as well – the exhausts look similar, at lest from far! So your prizes are on their way folks :-)

They are poles apart, with one thing in common!

They are poles apart, with one thing in common!

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  1. Ishaq Dhamaskar says:

    It’s Geely 2016 GC9. Their exhaust tips looks similar.
    My favourite car brand is nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Dodge.

  2. Jithin says:

    Its a GEELY EMGRAND CG9, similarity btw both Dubai reg with 577 common digits. My favorite car are ‘mustang’ Ferrari lamborgini

  3. Malik Muhammad Abdullah says:

    They have same exhausts.

    • Malik Muhammad Abdullah says:

      I think they have same double exhausts
      and my fav car companies are Lamborghini , Koenigsegg and Bentley

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