Q is the codename for the technological wizard in the 007 flicks. He is the brain behind not only the numerous gadgetry that Bond flaunts but also the supercars that the British agent enthralls us with. Q is also the new codename for the lineup of Infiniti vehicles waiting to join us in the future. And the future is happening as early as the turn of the New Year.

Even as the James Bond franchise reinvented the immensely likeable octogenarian Q – after the demise of Desmond Llewelyn – to present us with a young, nerdish Q – dashing in his own quirky way, Infiniti has decided to revisit its naming pattern for a unified system across the range. Their SUV and Crossover range will now be differentiated by the sedan and convertible lineup only by the addition of the automobile industry’s favourite letter in the English alphabet, X. Each model will be further identified by a double digit representing hierarchy within the range. Why the move? Your guess is as good as mine. Looks like Infiniti is hoping to add more intrigue besides form and clarity with the carefully chosen Q and QX.

Infiniti’s original Q 45 sedan

Designated for its complete product range beginning with the 2014 model year, the new badge will be first worn by the Q50, an all-new premium sports sedan to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in January 2013. The brand’s future plans include a range of next-generation Infiniti models which will carry Q and QX badging from the outset while the existing models will have their new name as they move into new model year variants.

The large SUV QX56 wouldn’t require a change of name after all!

Infiniti believes that “‘Q’ captures the inspiration within the next generation of Infiniti models, as well as emphasizing our performance credentials while harking back to our heritage with the Q45”. The flagship product in 1989, however, wasn’t the best example of Infiniti’s success in the history of the brand but I guess Q is as good as any other choice. After all, when you decide to refresh your brand name, it feels good to dig up the roots and feel good about how strong it has eventually become!

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