The Dubai International Motor Show that concluded last Saturday was not only about supercars, concept cars, the latest cars and retro cars. It was also about thrilling and fun-filled experiences inside the halls and outside. It was also about people – both guests and visitors to the show. Walking around with a clicking camera, there were some subjects or moments captured because they made me curious, or smile, or simply look at them twice. Here are a few with some ‘punny’ captions to go with them – hope you enjoy them!

I did. :-)

“Right now… they are cheering for the new 670 cv Ferrari 488 GTB… they said your hurrah can wait!”

From a time when Toyota used to wear ‘pony-tail-lights’, and looked as though it was made in Detroit! #ToyotaGT2000

Is there an unwritten rule that muscle cars need to have a pony somewhere about them? #EQQUS from USA – At almost a million dirhams, it is not a Challenger to the Mustang!

As I moved in for the selfie, Ken said, “If you drift any closer, I’ll block you!” LOL!

Leaning on a mountain after a long day’s walk – Bibin ‘rests in the shade’ of a modified Mercedes Sprinter.

While the new 2016 Mercedes-Maybach Pullman shone in another Hall, the retro show had this Pullman 600 from 1977

Recharge your drained phone, and your weary feet! AC Delco’s brilliant marketing idea!

“No, it doesn’t come as standard accessory yet; though it’s good to have one in the boot, just in case things get too hot!

If anyone thought jumping from up there was an ‘outside-the-box adventure idea’, sorry, that’s just for display!

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