On December 14th, 1914, brand Maserati was established in Bologna, Italy. As the sun set on Friday, on the eve of the 14th, the final race of the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series 2013 came to an exciting close at the Yas Marina Circuit. The revelry that followed, in a way, also marked the start of the centennial celebrations of Maserati in the region, which will last for a whole year.

Maserati Trofeo finals soon after its start in Abu Dhabi

The Results

The final race of the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series saw Ange Barde climb to the top of the podium, giving him a hat-trick following his victory at Shanghai and Sonoma. While Mikkel Mac looked good for a fight as the Abu Dhabi leg started, Renaud Kuppens kept his cool even after a tough first race, and quietly (not a reference to his Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo of course!) picked up the points that crowned him the champion of the gentlemen’s race series.

After six rounds across three continents, it was Belgian Renaud Kuppens who claimed the 2013 Maserati Trofeo MC World Series world title.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Mr Umberto Cini, Managing Director of Maserati Global Overseas Markets and himself a racer commented, “It is an absolute privilege to host the final round of the Maserati Trofeo World Series and to celebrate today for two reasons. Firstly thanks to the Gentlemen Racers of the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series we have showcased how now, 87 years after Maserati’s first race car was created, motorsports still sits at the core of the Maserati brand.”

Umberto Cini congratulates a racer at the end of the second race.

As Maserati enters its Centennial year, the Italian icon from Modena looks strongly poised for powerful strides with the launch of four new models to the Middle East this year. A dedicated Maserati Centennial website – www.maserati100.com – will keep Maserati friends, fans, clients and collectors informed of all the activities planned to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

Maserati’s new brand direction, ‘the opposite of ordinary’, sums up the maverick attitude of the brand and its admirers.

Road and Track with Maserati

Being at the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series final was both a rare indulgence and an honour for me, for a 101 reasons – I mean the centenary and the race to be exact.

The Maserati Gran Turismo MC trofeo race cars are graceful and powerful at once.

Soon after the second race on Thursday, the media and select guests including owners of Maserati cars were treated to drives and rides around the circuit in cars that paid a tribute to the racing heritage upon which the brand built its legacy.

An exciting moment from the Maserati Trofeo final

Driving alongside my instructor James was my preferred choice over hitching a ride on the Trofeo race car for the sheer feeling of control that is exhilarating – agreed, all of it got over even before I could wake up from the tantalising effect of the Maserati’s cataclysmic power teasing my ego at the corners! Yet, I wouldn’t want to miss it for what it was worth.

While the Stradale, the most powerful Maserati road car ever and a Cabriolet were also present; my track experience was in the red MC Gran Turismo, which also doubled up as the safety car at the races.

The next morning, the courtyard of Park Hyatt looked even more impressive with an array of Quattroporte models parked and waiting for a media and customer drive. As for me, a jog in the morning has remained an unfulfilled New Year resolution so far. Instead, if getting up close with a Maserati was the bait to get up bright and early every day, I think I might have been more successful with New Year resolutions.

No, the Harley wasn't an option anyway...

Now, what if I had tested the Quattroporte not long ago and the review is on my touch-up desk at the moment? And what if it was a convoy that led us from our hotel on Saadiyat Island to the Yas leisure drive and back, with speed warnings and cautionary comments streaming in through a walkie talkie? Who would be stupid enough to say no to a second chance to get behind the wheel of a Quattroporte with its 710 Nm of stupendous torque?

I am not in the middle of the tracks... the Maserati passing by creates a reflection on the glass barriers.

It was still a great way to ease into the centennial celebrations of the Maserati. A gentle reminder of the powerful force that rumbled beneath the Quattroporte’s hood, which helped us to respect the roar even more, that would take over the Yas Marina Circuit later in the day, for one last time in this year’s Trofeo season.

A Maserati "fitted with" Human parking sensors as it backs up into the stands after the race.

Pictures: Top two are supplied and the rest clicked by DriveME.

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