“It doesn’t just make you feel good. MG 750 makes your every dirham feel distinguished.”

Morris Garages or Mind-blowing Grandeur?

My childhood neighbour used to be visited by an Uncle who chugged along in a Morris Minor – thinking of which gives those wonderful years the innocent charm of “once upon a time”. The real charm of “once upon a time” is that it just doesn’t belong to once upon a time – it is forever. Which is what goes to the great advantage of MG Rover 75, as it makes a comeback as MG 750. 

For a car that once belonged to BMW, (a fact that its charming six-cylinder burble still reminds you of!), won accolades including the “most beautiful car” and the “Middle East Car of the Year” in 1999-2000, and was among the preferred ministerial cars of the British Government for a good part of its career, the Rover’s exit in 2005 doesn’t go down very easily. But what matters is that it’s back – as SAIC Motor Corporation’s prized trophy from its English campaign. And by the way, MG still stands for Morris Garages (just in case you thought it was “Mind-blowing Grandeur”).

MG750 is a true classic – the feline contours of a distinctive British heritage; the dashboard clock that is straight out of a 007 car chase of the sixties; the minimalist sophistication of wood-finish and leather; the refinement that satisfies the eyes and doesn’t disappoint ensuing expectations. The car in its new avatar has retained all of it except for the price tag. Now, let me not jump the gun and spoil the fun. I’ll save that for last.

The car is a retro fanatic’s dream come true, from the classic grill mesh to the double-barrelled snoot at the rear. It is powerful enough to convert the champions of China’s new economy into total retro buffs. The car does everything the good old way – regal, luxurious and elegantly stunning. From the cool sensation of the veneer and leather steering that grows on you with every turn to the soothing instrument panel that reminds you of classic pencil drawings, with their clean whites and oval dials – like a 19th century horologist’s inspiration drawings.

Oval dials and leather completes the retro look

Once the key turns the ignition, the first thing that impresses you, and overwhelms you in the long run, is the evocative dignity of the unmistakably European growl of the V6. I haven’t heard anything like that in a long time on the roads – ever since BMW gave up its rights on Rover. It’s not the arrogant roar of an engine that will take you from 0 – infinity in yellow to green signal time. On the contrary, it is the stately guttural roll of a car that will take you steadily on snaking suburban roads just as well as six-lane highways that demand lane-manoeuvring with relaxed confidence. The MG 750 allows you to get carried away in a fluent ride – shock-free and silent, at cruising speeds. In case you wish to engage the extra power by switching to “S” mode, you will notice that the 2.5 L V6 isn’t necessarily the most powerful of its kind but is undoubtedly among the most refined.

Comfortably fitting into the Executive sedan category, the spacious cabin offers first-class comfort with plenty of legroom. The backseat and the headrests are designed in such a way as to please taller passengers. The armrest in between doubles up as an executive stowaway when the MG 750 credibly gets converted into an everyday limousine! Just a piece of advice for parents of toddlers, avoid buying restrictive child seats with ISO FIX provisions only – coz MG 750 hasn’t provided for those.

The elegant leather seats instantly make you feel comfortable but if you are one of those who would like to lean against the soft response of plush skin, you could be a tad disappointed on a long -haul. On a sweltering summer day, like the one I chose for the road run, the fact that it takes the blower at full-throttle to cool the car can be irksome, but once settled to a steady temp, the air-conditioning silently adds to the ride quality. Some of the trims have compromised in material quality, like the storage buttons or the AC vent grill, but there’s not enough evidence anywhere to justify the price at which this royal driving experience from the British heritage is now offered. (We are almost at the end of the suspense thread!)  

During my road runs, I ferried many a pleased passenger aboard the MG750. As we steered comfortably along daunting curves and menacing curbs, we played “guess the price” in its spacious cabin. The bids never dropped below a 100 K. And then, I would spill the beans with a warning not to trip over them in utter surprise. For, AED 76000 is a great price for any car that gives you classic luxury wrapped around evolved technological features like Dynamic Stability Control, ABS, EBD and you name it. It’s doubtful if there is another sedan out there that defines Value like this one. It doesn’t just make you feel good. MG 750 makes your every dirham feel distinguished.

Pictures: Sudeep/Hasan

Drive Courtesy: AW Rostamani Automobiles

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