Dubai Motor Show presented a showcase of modified cars and their makers, inspiring as much as or even more awe than their originals. In this feature, I bring you one car and the many faces of it!

Porsche Panamera - as modified by TechArt

Modification of cars is not just a roaring business; it is an art by itself. The specialists are many and are brands in their own right – AMG, Gambella, Brabus, TechArt, Hamann, Mansory… all are names held in awe almost as much as the brands they modify.

Porsche Panamera - as modified by Mansory

The term modify isn’t a mild reference to touch-ups, mind it. From the exterior appearance to tuning the engines and equipping it with super-power capabilities, modifying happens in body and soul, though the spirit remains the same!

Porsche Panamera - as modified by Gambella

The real art lies NOT in transforming the car in style and substance so drastically that it camouflages even the make of the car leaving even the makers wondering if it were their own, in the first place. As I see it, the real artistry is in enhancing the performance of the car, and imbuing it with the subjective taste of the owner, while retaining the essence and character of the design and performance – because, after all, it is that character that made the owner go for it in the first place, isn’t it?

Porsche Panamera - as modified by Hamann

The Motor Show had some awesome displays of various modification partners and I have just chosen one model to demonstrate how different each modifier has turned it into. The model featured is the Porsche Panamera.

For a digestible technical read on modified cars, you can check out or

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