At 440 km per hour, Tuatara is projected to be the world’s fastest. But there’s more to the supercar than speed.

0-100 km/h: 2.5 sec • Quartermile: 9.75 sec at 230 km/h • Top speed (projected): 440 km/h • 0 – 160 kmph – 0 (Acceleration to braking time): 11.25 sec • 100 km – 0 (braking distance): 103 feet • Output: 1350 bhp @ 6800 rpm • Torque: 1412 Nm @ 6800 rpm • Tachometer redline: 9200 rpm

Dubai International Motor Show unveiled a hot surprise for the Middle East car enthusiasts in the Middle East. Tuatara greeted the visitors as the silk gave way to its silken exteriors and a heart of steel. Beneath its stunning looks, every part of the Tuatara serves function before form. SSC plans to show the world that the highly engineered Tuatara is not just straight line fast, but can tame the all-around performance requirements of Nurburgring.

The Tuatara will come equipped like a luxury sedan. Standard equipment include: Air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, tilt-steering, cab-controlled front air lift, 10 speaker premium audio, CD/DVD system with 7.5” DVD screen, Automatic rear camera, navigation

Jason Castriota’s inspiring exterior body design gets reflected in the design intricacies of the interiors as well besides the aerospace inspired elements in the Tuatara. The speedometer/tachometer area is a glass screen lit up by Pico projectors behind, like a Head Up Display. The information displays are inspired by the rear winglets, while the console air-conditioning vents simulate the exhaust design and the side vents are designed after the 4-rocket exhaust design in Space Shuttles. The passenger, rather co-pilot, is also included in the driving experience by providing a small screen of vital driver information that side of the drive as well. Another design element that pervades the Tuatara is the ‘hole pattern’ – it’s there on the exterior body panels and functions as central circulatory vents inside the cabin and all around as well.

Tuatara is the creation of Jerod Shelby, legendary maker of racing cars.

With the belief that supercars are a catalyst for emotion, SSC focuses strongly on designing a comprehensively sensual driving experience while giving the passengers the ride quality and drivability of a luxury sedan.

Information supplied. Editing and pictures: Sudeep Koshy @ the Dubai International Motor Show 2011

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