Traditionally, coupes have been sexier than their sedan counterparts. Perhaps it’s got to do with the readiness for an edgy life bristling in the sculpted stance of a coupe. Anyhow, the new E-class coupe confirms the fact, just the same way that the S-class and later the C-class did.

Mercedes E Coupe grille

The E-class saloon looked edgier and sportier than its predecessor and the coupe stands even more desirable with the new signature rear, complete with what should be the world’s sexiest pair of brake lights. The low-placed sports grille with its central star, a long bonnet with powerdomes, a short and rising greenhouse underlined by four frameless side windows and the absence of a B‑pillar conveys the luxury and style of a coupe.

The E-class coupe has only begun to impress you with its reduced exterior lines and sensuous forms when you realize it is actually bigger than its predecessor. 4826 mm long, 1860 mm wide, 1430 mm tall. Yet, what is most important is the new car is higher up in the scale of intelligence, too. Apple CarPlay, smartphone integration, widescreen cockpit and the latest driver assistance systems are all available. The quirky technological signature greets you with a ‘welcome and goodbye note’ in the lighting sequence of the taillight LEDs.

Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Coupé; 2016; Interieur: Leder Nappa weiß/schwarz, Zierelemente Metallstruktur ; Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé; 2016; interior: Nappa leather White/black, metal-weave trim;

The AMG Line is standard, and so is some autonomy

The unique front and rear bumpers, side skirts and larger AMG styled wheels are for all in the region. The dots in the diamond radiator grille are chrome-plated, while the brake discs on the front axle are perforated. The interior boasts a vast range of features such as seats in high-grade ARTICO/DINAMICA in black with grey contrasting topstitching, the Seat Comfort package and an AMG leather sports steering wheel. Additional personalization options can be chosen with the Night package – featuring design details in high-gloss black and tinted side windows.

Mercedes E class console

Lennart Mueller-Teut, Head of Marketing and Communications, Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, said: “The new E-Class Coupé’s design and capabilities demonstrate its incredible intelligence – it is a car desired by those who seek the future today. Active Brake Assist comes as standard. It is able to warn the driver of an imminent collision, provide optimum support with emergency braking and, if necessary, also autonomously apply the brakes.

E coupe launch

Wider track, Drag co-efficient of 0.25

The wheelbase is shorter than its saloon counterpart yet longer than the coupe’s predecessor. So the legroom has improved by 7 cm compared with the previous generation, which was rather obvious in the comfortable seating behind, as I climbed in behind a 5 foot 10” visitor. DIRECT CONTROL suspension is standard and is set 15 millimetres lower than on the sedan. Mercedes says it is tuned for comfort with an amplitude-dependent damping system. The new E-Class Coupé can be equipped with multi-chamber air suspension, including all-round roll/pitch/heave stabilisation. DYNAMIC SELECT provides the following transmission modes: Comfort, ECO, Sport, Sport + and Individual. The setting alters throttle response, ECO start/stop function, shift points of the automatic transmission and more.

Mercedes E Coupe panel

Now if this Mercedes was to be left wanting power, what was the whole point in the astounding Cd figures and how were you supposed to flash that stunning rear in other drivers’ faces?

AED 220,196 for the E 200 Coupé. The E 400 Coupé and E 400 4MATIC Coupé will be available from July 2017 for AED 259,500 and 296,000 respectively. The E 200 uses a 2.0 L engine that gets to 100 kmph in 7.8 sec while the E 400 comes with a 3.0 L power pot that can get the car to 100 kmph in 5.3 sec.

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