Nissan Patrol introduces a V6 version at long last, along with a Gannas Edition that is exclusive to Abu Dhabi dealer.


‘Gannas’ means a hunting expedition. Quite like Safari. Nissan Patrol brings back the spirit of the Safari with a new variant built for the serious off-roaders in the region – the Gannas edition. Built by Masaood Automobiles (AMA), the exclusive distributor of Nissan vehicles in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, the Gannas Edition was launched, befittingly, at The International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

Humayun Alam – General Manager – Sales at Al Masaood Automobiles, said: “We are proud to introduce the ‘Gannas’ edition as a customized and ready solution for our demanding customers who are in search of the perfect hunting vehicle with special off-road capabilities”

As it has been developed and tested by Al Masaood Automobiles against the region’s specific challenges on and off the road, for six months, the customer can enjoy a full warranty even though the vehicle is modified and different from factory specs. That is the good news. However, the fact remains that the ‘Gannas edition’ can currently be bought and serviced only at AMA even though it could later be extended to other dealerships in the country and abroad. The technical personnel in such locations too will have to be equipped with the know-how to service the Gannas edition.


Emil Khneisser, Product Manager at AMA, is an ardent off road enthusiast and expert who has split his life between the desert and the city, for an entire decade! His experience added immensely to the development of Gannas. Yet he says “’Gannas’ is not a new idea. In 1994-1995 ‘Gannas’ was launched with the 5th generation of Nissan Patrol, equipping vehicles with sand tires and water tanks at place of third seat row.”

So, what is the difference between the recently launched Patrol NISMO and Gannas? Emil says, “Nismo is for those who want better overall performance, while Gannas is customized by veterans in this region for this region’s challenges.”

The new Gannas edition is fitted with:

  • ARB front strut and BP51 rear shocks kit including all coils
  • Especially modified air compressor and hose
  • Hutchinson double beadlock 18″ rims
  • Navigation – Centre Console and off road map
  • ABS disconnect switch
  • Snatch strap 11000 lbs
  • Roof Rails and Flag Pole
  • Gannas Badge

While additions like skid plates and navigation are standard, there is an optional array of features like winch, tool kit, sand ladder and a 260 L tank. This XL tank can take the car all the way to Saudi Arabia and back is what Nissan claims! The significant change in the Gannas edition is the adjustable suspensions that stay stiff for adventure and soft for city. The extra height of 50 mm and the skid plates make space for raised levels of enjoyment in the dunes!


‘Gannas’ is essentially a modification and therefore can be currently ordered on any Nissan Patrol V8 variant, and as soon as demand shows, in the newly launched V6 edition too. The price begins at AED 260,000.

New Patrol V6 levels ground between giants

Nissan launched a V6 powered Patrol, which offers a more practical and almost equally powerful option while saving a few thousands. As the new V6 plucks out the one clear advantage that the Toyota Land Cruiser used to have over Nissan Patrol, it’s now a battle on level ground for the title of the off-road king in this region.


The new Patrol V6 engine bears an uncanny similarity in numbers to the Toyota Land Cruiser 4.0 L V6, barely edging out the latter. That is 275 horsepower and 394 Nm Vs. 270 hp and 390 Nm of torque! However, the Nissan Patrol V6 offers the same towing capacity as the Patrol V8.


Weighing less, the Patrol V6 is more of a practical, everyday family vehicle that is ever ready to take on an adventure. The V6 also means lower ownership costs. As per their Press Release, the Patrol V6 claims lower engine noise and vibration besides better ride quality, and a 25 percent increased acceleration on steep inclines compared with the-one-they-won’t-name.


The Nissan Patrol V6 is priced between AED 191,000 and AED 261,000 in four trim levels.

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