Built on the same platform, the 3008 and 5008 present two entirely different options for the family, with the former tending to please young families or individuals with a penchant for change. While the 3008 scores much higher in looks and seating comfort, the 5008 is the practical ride that surprises with a better drive quality among the two!

1.6L 4 cylinder 6-speed Auto Tiptronic, 156 bhp, 240 Nm at 1600 rpm

The Drive

Before you write it off as an airport pickup for hotel guests, you should drive the 5008. If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s the right size for a family of five or seven to fit in as well as for you to enjoy the drive.

Thanks to the bullet train like design, with a low roof and a reasonably long body (not too long to be mistaken for a trailer) the 5008 presents itself for a neatly maneuvered drive, with a cornering prowess that is bound to surprise you.

Once again, Peugeot’s magical obsession with the 1.6 L engine proves simply adequate, almost tempting me to test it for a 0-100 dash. Road holding and lane changing are excellent while you need to be told the engine is running while idling, just as you need to be told it’s a 1.6 L engine. The steering is as precise as it gets for a 7-seater MPV with absolutely negligible under-steer. The ride is silently smooth and solid; chances are, you’ll feel more comfortable in the 5008 than in most SUVs on a long drive.

ABS with EBD/ ESP / 5-star Euro N-cap safety rating / 3-row seating with stowaway third-row seats Price: 5008 Standard 2012: AED 88,500 / 5008 Premium 2012: AED 94,500

The Design

The Peugeot 5008 does justice to the category, not only in function but also its looks. You could mistake its silhouette for a Toyota Previa or an Innova, but for the minimalistic design with just the Peugeot grille in front and the distinctly elegant tail lamps that hold their place. The aerodynamics and the extra weight with the lower centre of gravity add extra stability to this family guy, so that the ride is more stable and enjoyable on a long drive.

You need to be told the engine is running while idling, just as you need to be told it’s a 1.6 L engine. It’s silent and powerful.

Cabin and Comfort

My test car focused on cabin comfort and long-haul convenience but lacked those extra-frills that are present in the 3008 – from head up display to even cruise control, which is pretty commonplace these days. The panoramic glass roof is yet again the singular highlight of the cabin. A pleasantly entertaining music system adds to the joy of the drive while the air-conditioning is effective throughout the spacious 5008.

The dash is populated with just enough buttons to guide you through, and the console storage is quite a deep pocket. But the thing is, the storage is just about that much, apart from the side pockets. Organized storage isn’t the forte in the 5008 cabin. Most controls are stowed away on stalks behind the wheel, like a proper French car.

The third-row seats disappear under the carpet making 1247 L boot space. And with the second row collapsed, it's your perfect IKEA transporter.

Family Drive

The seating comfort is abundant in front but progressively trails towards the tail, with the two backend seats just right for teens or anorexic grown-ups. While having three separate ISO Fixtures is a blessing for large families, adult mid-seat passengers would have been better off if the seats were a shade wider.

While seat No. 6 and 7 are rather small, that helps you still carry stuff you would otherwise have to leave behind. These seats disappear under the carpet making 1247 L boot space. And with the second row collapsed, that would be a commodious 2506 L enough to make the 5008 your IKEA transporter. The most useful thing about the seating arrangement is that each one can tilt and slide independently giving you absolute flexibility in making room for legs or luggage – a definite advantage in this category!

Another great reason that makes Peugeot 5008 your ideal family transport is the 5-star Euro N-Cap safety rating. The 5008 has also thoughtfully incorporated a sort of Hill Assist. However, the 2-and-a-half seconds before releasing the handbrake might be just the time to compose yourself on a hill, but can be an impatient wait on normal drives.

My test car focused on long-haul cabin comfort but lacked those extra-frills in the 3008 – from head up display to even cruise control.

The Essential 5008

With its unparalleled practicality that lets you choose between more people and even more luggage, and its exceptionally balanced drive for a 7-seater MPV, the Peugeot 5008 is indeed a solid option to explore for families looking for a reasonably stylish transporter.

UPSIDE: Exceptional road balance, Impressive cabin comfort, Third-row seats can be flattened out for flexible storage, Panoramic sunroof,

FLIPSIDE: Seat width and comfort drops in backseats, Unorganized cabin storage arrangement, Design is more generic than individualistic

Drive Courtesy: Swaidan Trading

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