For those who have bothered to wonder about a month-long silence on these pages– after all, wheels have been turning as fast and feverishly as ever in the motoring world… So, what took my tiny blip off the radar for the longest time in the brief history of If you are thinking Black hole or Bermuda (as in the triangle), or even runaway cars, you are bang on!

Rome holiday bus sightseeing colossus

Italy is indeed a black hole of ancient history that sucks you mercilessly into its vortex of art and culture, figures and figurines, till your head spins with an overdose of all that. Yes, I’ve been away on a family holiday in good old Italia, and Bermudas are something you wear on a holiday – especially when early September is as warm as a Tuscan summer. And as for runaway cars, there were a couple that almost did, just before I caught them by their ‘tale’.

Italian cars in Naples

This is the land of Ferraris, but all I get to see are Fiats. This is the land of fast cars, but all I get to ride are fast trains! Well, except the couple of oddballs that I mentioned. More about all that soon, but first let me quickly catch up with what’s been happening closer home…

Fast trains Italy Europe

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