The Sharjah Car Show was set to ignition mode this morning, and there is no reason it should be idling for more than a minute. The Show is full of cars you would want a fill off and some of them are the most talked about in the recent months – just a few of them yet to be launched officially! The customary Classic Cars display added, the reasons are many that it should feature in your to-do list for this weekend. I have chosen five good reasons you shouldn’t miss this show.

The first day morning at the Sharjah Automobile Show, the Middle East Motor Awards were announced. The selected few for the 18 categories can be viewed separately at the show.

Reason 1: This is the skip-year for the Dubai International Motor Show.
Reason 2: View the talk of the town – Get a glimpse of the just-launched or to-be-launched.
Reason 3: See it all in about an hour, because that’s all it takes to browse the display.
Reason 4: Get to see the heroes – the winners of the Middle East Motor Awards in 18 categories.
Reason 5: It’s free! An outing into “vroom-vroom” world can be extremely satisfying especially when you end up paying nothing for it. Just register and collect your VISITOR pass.

The show features most of the "talk-of-the-town" models which were introduced in the past few months. This includes the Nissan Altima, Micra and the likes.

There have been many a talked about models in town in the past couple of months, and they are all there for you to feast your eyes on. For instance, the Infiniti stand is not only one of the biggest combined with the Nissan but also the destination for sneak previews – the Nissan GT-R with its Ambassasor Usain Bolt’s (the fastest man on earth) etched in front and claims to touch a 100 kmph in 2.7 seconds is for one among the special previews, the new Altima also graces the Nissan stand along with the brand new UR-Van, while the Sebastian Vettel edition of the Infiniti FX and the brand new family crossover from Infiniti – the JX – are premium attractions at the Infiniti stand.

Adding to the attraction are models like Infiniti Vettel Edition, which is rare and exclusive, as well as the Bolt edition of the GTR that touches a 100kmph in just 2.7 sec.

The vast Audi stand features the recently introduced trio S-series Audi S-5, S-6 and S-8 while the X5 has its new awe-inspiring model on display. Honda’s all new CRV has found a place in the Award shortlist arena.

At the Mitsubishi stand, the Lancer Fortis and the Mitsubishi Mirage were launched soon after the Show was inaugurated.

The cars that have created a sensation earlier this year are all there for you to view, and have a feel of. The all-new Passat, Mini John Cooper Works, Camaro ZL 1, the new Chevrolet Cruz and the Trailblazer are all a part of the visual fest!

The Sharjah show also features models like the Mercedes GL class that was launched at the start of the show.

New launches

Just this morning was the new GL-class launched at the Mercedes pavilion. Mitsubishi had two new models to be launched – the Mirage and the Lancer Fortis. Among the cars that are yet to be officially launched but here for your eyes to gorge on are the Cadillac ATS, on its journey as we speak across many terrains to wind up its journey next month at the Yas Marina, and the X-TS that replaces both the DTS and the STS.

The Cadillac XTS (left) was recently launched while the ATS (right) awaits its imminent launch. You can check out both at the Cadillac stand.

Scoops include the re-advent of Opel, this time thanks to a straight deal between Liberty Automobiles and the manufacturers without the GM midwifery. This is expected to bring down prices as well for the trouble-laden but much-respected brand. The Insignia, hitherto unseen in the region, is also on display at the Sharjah Auto Show.

Did you know that Liberty Automobiles are going to bring Opel to the region? This includes the hitherto never-seen Insignia!

Short and sweet

Conspicuous by their absence are brands like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ford and above all, the popular Koreans. The super cars too are absent but here is solace – you only have to walk to Hall 4 for a glimpse of many of the absentees – for several cars of those brands have been shortlisted for the awards, and are on display as the privileged few!

As usual, there is a classic cars segment. It is smaller but better managed. Get your cameras ready!

No auto show at the Sharjah Expo can be complete without the classic cars segment – this time the display is leaner but better managed. Which means, you can take closer pictures of those favourite oldies!

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