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FUTURE NOW: All-electric Mini and what’s next for BMW

BMW is looking for partners, as Reuters reports, to build smaller electric cars. The challenge was not only financial, but also had to do with the engineering problem of fitting sufficiently long-range batteries into a smaller package. BMW has disclosed plans to launch a new, electric Mini model in 2019. …

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I bought a BMW with what I saved in a year of not smoking

That title is not click bait. Much as it might seem a false claim or a tall one, it is the truth that I proudly share. Stuff that I hope to inspire you with, if you are a smoker. And encouragement I hope you will pass around, if you are …

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MG 750: Grandeur is back

 “It doesn’t just make you feel good. MG 750 makes your every dirham feel distinguished.” Morris Garages or Mind-blowing Grandeur? My childhood neighbour used to be visited by an Uncle who chugged along in a Morris Minor – thinking of which gives those wonderful years the innocent charm of “once …

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