Two seconds and counting backwards

If strategy wins a war, the F1 pit lane would be where it is celebrated most. Nowhere else perhaps is the role of ‘back-end’ so obvious in the racing game as when twenty two people stand and scamper to prepare the car before you can blink again: with an F1 …

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2016 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: The last donuts

The ironies in life make it all the more intriguing. That seems to ring true for a stellar event like the F1 finals too, as Yas Marina Circuit delivered its final twists on Sunday, keeping some happy, some a tad disappointed but all on their toes till the end! Drama …

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One thing you should know about F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

It’s much more than a car race. It’s one of the world’s greatest examples of fair play and team building. We are into one of the most exciting F1 weekends of the year – the very last of the season! If you have wondered what exactly is a Grand Prix, …

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