FUTURE NOW: And now, electric planes!

The airplane is a Faraday’s cage and that is the reason why it is safe even when it gets several times by lightning (powerful electricity) throughout its flight. Now, we are talking about planes that fly on electric power: as below, so above. Commercial planes account for about 2% of …

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FUTURE NOW: All-electric Mini and what’s next for BMW

BMW is looking for partners, as Reuters reports, to build smaller electric cars. The challenge was not only financial, but also had to do with the engineering problem of fitting sufficiently long-range batteries into a smaller package. BMW has disclosed plans to launch a new, electric Mini model in 2019. …

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In this mobile office, you are all charged up!

If you are a blogger or a freelance designer, this is how Nissan thinks you will probably be working a few years from now. That is, if you aren’t doing something similar already! In 2015 alone, co-working and hot-desking spaces around the world grew by 36% as more and more …

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