Jaguar F-Type R review: The one with the F one

It sounded nothing like the Formula 1 car, weighed twice as much, and took almost double the time to fly past the 100 kmph mark. Still, this Jaguar was rather quick to get there, went almost as fast and sounded absolutely fantastic! And if you consider its name, the F-Type …

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Jaguar F-Type Convertible 2015 Review: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

The Jaguar F-Type is one of those cars that stun you at first glance. It gives people who have ever considered buying a sports car in their lives an affirmative response that they certainly should. UPSIDE – Powerful and playful, Stunning design, Terrific sport mode, Thrilling sound effects, Excellent music …

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2013: Beyond the bend

This used to be my 2013 New Year editorial page. Just the perfect place to stow away my secret (ah, the conveniences of online time travel!). My brand new BMW Touring Bike. People, it always works when it is something you really desire; something you would love to keep as a constant reminder …

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Best of New York Auto Show

New York is famous for cabs, not cars. While being home to scores of millionaires, and several billionaires, the city doesn’t flaunt many Ferraris or Lambos on the road. Unlike Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. So, the New York Auto Show is where the local folk and visitors, the whole …

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