From the various tips I received this summer, I have collated some to remind you of things to be done or not to be done, in order to make this season pleasant or rather less unpleasant! These were sent in by BMW Middle East for their customers but are applicable to any model.

If you haven’t serviced you car yet, do a self-check.

The extreme weather that faces us every day plays on the mechanical components like cooling systems, batteries, tyre pressure and the air conditioning system, and puts excessive strain on them. So, check the following regularly and make sure:

  • Correct level of engine coolant
  • Oil is at the correct levels
  • The air conditioning works efficiently
  • A full tank of fuel. Never leave it until you reach your reserve!
  • Tyres have sufficient and correct air pressure
  • Tyres have tread depth of at least 3mm, the recommended depth.

Tyre parameters

For the ‘correct’ tyre pressure, BMW suggests going by what is listed on the side of the driver’s door, on the glove compartment door, or in the owner’s manual. If you notice ‘uneven’ wear, i.e., the tyre is more worn on one edge, you might need a wheel alignment. Also, run your fingers along the tread and feel for lumps. If you find any, it could mean the tyre is not balanced correctly.

Oil Change

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It keeps hardworking engine parts running clean, smooth and most importantly, cool. All service information including when the oil needs changing or topping up is projected on to the onboard computer in all BMWs making it easy and efficient for owners to receive service information.

Air Conditioning System

Summer demands the AC to work overtime, which puts pressure on the battery and generator resulting in the possibility of a break down. Ensure that cool air is coming out of the vents and that you have the sufficient coolant levels in the compressor.

Brake Easy

Here are some signs that your brakes need to be checked:

  • Your brake pedal is very hard and resistant
  • Your brake pedal rests too low or too high
  • Indication or warning lights on the dashboard
  • Loud scraping and grinding sounds coming from the brakes

Buckle Up

This is really not a summer tip. Wear your seatbelts, whatever the time of the year. Not just the driver and front passenger, but the rear passengers as well will benefit in case of an accident. Seat belts really do save lives, and being caught without one can cost you on your insurance too!

Insurance & Roadside Assistance

If you are travelling cross-country this summer, make sure you have both of the above, that is valid in the region you are driving into.

In Case of an Emergency…

  • Turn your hazard lights on and park on the far right lane of the roadas far out as possible.
  • Keep your boot open to alert other motorists you are standing still, with your red-emergency triangle.
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