Preparing the list of 100 best global brands is a formality that Interbrand does every year, based on the overall brand worth in US Dollars. I would have expected more, but only 12 automobile brands have made this list.

Last of the dozen, Ferrari is at No.99 in the list and worth USD 3.77 billion!

For the car brands, the list practically begins at No. 10 with Toyota claiming the top spot. The car industry does a hat trick by securing the 11th and 12th spots as well, that being Mercedes Benz and BMW respectively. Interestingly, it’s a photo finish among these three, with the leading two worth a few points above 30 billion USD and the trailing German just a shade below the figure. However, BMW increased its worth over last year by 18% while Merc managed only 10% with Toyota climbing just 9%.

Out of the 12 car brands that made it into the Top 100 Global Brands list, there is a first-timer - KIA at No. 87 is worth USD 4.09 billion!

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Nissan made the maximum value gain in the Best Global Brands list. 30% more than last year, it's now worth 4.97 billion US dollars! (The 10th leading automotive brand at No. 73)

Talking about growth, while every brand has improved their worth, an unfortunate giant is the only one to have taken a step back. Honda registered a negative growth of 11%, shaken by the quake and the Civic mostly. However, at 17.3 billion USD, it’s too worthy a brand to shake off from the top 100 list. Well, Kia has perhaps had its best year so far and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is this year’s wild card entry into the prestigious list.

Porsche retains its class among the sport icons as the 72nd name in the top 100, just ahead of Nissan, with a total worth of USD 5.15 billion.

Amassing a value of 7.2 billion dollars and growing (17%) almost as fast as its sister brand make Audi the 8th most valuable auto brand. (No. 55 in the list)

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USD 7.47 billion and growing at an unstoppable 24% is Hyundai. (No.53 among the top 100)

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With USD 7.96 billion, Ford is at No. 6 (45th place in the Interbrand list)

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Growing at 18% and securing the No. 5 position among cars is the Volkswagen Group with USD 9.25 billion in its kitty. (No. 39 in the list)

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So what about our favourite hot wheels? The Lambos, the Fezzas and even the Bentleys… Well, in a value indicator where volume plays a big role in determining total worth, only our Red biggie had enough horsepower to gatecrash the list, finishing with a hairline to spare at No. 99!

At USD 17.3 billion, Honda has dropped in value by 11%. It still shines at No.12 as the fourth most valuable automotive brand.

Just for the records, guess which brand is at the top of the 100 best global brands list? Well, Coca Cola has retained its fizz yet again with an unbeatable worth of 77.84 billion USD while close at its heels with a net worth of USD 76.57 billion is the brand of the beautiful future – Apple. Registering an unmatched 129% growth over last year, I won’t be surprised to see it on to see the iPhone maker at the top in the next Interbrand list – iBet!

At No. 12, BMW is the third most valuable auto brand with 29.05 billion USD!

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No.11 in the 100 global brands list is the second most valuable car brand, Mercedes Benz - worth 30.1 billion dollars!

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Despite a few recalls and cruise control issues, Toyota has held its stance. The latest Interbrand report puts Toyota at No. 1 among automotive brands worth 30.28 billion dollars! (No.10 in the top 100)

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Hope you enjoyed playing the auto brands snakes and ladders game. For those interested in the full list of top 100 global brands, get it here.

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