Ford has made a tremendous comeback in recent years with its models like the Fusion, the resurrected Taurus, the Edge, the Explorer and technological features like the Ford SYNC communication and entertainment system and hot-from-the oven innovations like Inflatable seatbelts.

Model A was the first Ford to use the standard set of driver controls. With conventional brake and clutch pedals and throttle and gearshift, this car was the model for every Ford that came after it. The Model A also came in more than sixteen body styles.

American auto manufacturers have historically been great innovators who have made significant impacts on automobiles worldwide. First and foremost among these innovators is the Ford Motor Company (no wonder they are the ones in the best shape among American marques especially in these challenging times.) Here is a linked feature that showcases 10 top Ford models of all time – some of them true classics in world automobile history itself.

The Ford Model T is the car that started it all. Though not Ford’s first automobile, it was the one that made the car something that everyone could own.

The links are given at the bottom – sharing with you two interesting articles on top Ford models.

Top 10 choices of Brad, the car guy:

Mug shots of top 25 Fords according to

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