Who doesn’t love to modify the Toyota 86? I know someone who just bought and despite the threat of having to forego its warranty went right ahead and did whatever little modifications she could think of – like a nice wrap up for those Halloween cardboard holes that masquerade as exhaust Or a couple of dark goggles for those rear lights… Or even a set of jut-out wheels!

The 600 bhp extreme Toyota 86 prepares for next season.

Now, all those are still ‘normal’. What isn’t is the stuff they have done on the new EXTREME Toyota 86 EDT, short for the Emirates Drifiting Team. Body kit from KRA Toyota, Cusco Roll cage,18x 10 wheels and  a 2JZ engine that puts out 600 bhp. The whole car gives the appearance of being put together by nuts and bolts stopping it from being ripped apart – a nice visual touch suggests the new Toyota 86 Extreme edition is going to rip apart the racing scene in its category with the quake it leaves in its wake!

Each element took about a week or two to complete. Take a good look at the car on the DriveME YouTube channel. Link at the end of the story.

The car uses a good lot of colours from the Emirates Drifting Team flag and will be driven in the next season by the King Drifter of UAE, Ahmed Al Ameri. The Toyota 86 is still evolving. For a good look at the car and a shaky video of the EDT Team leader Hassan taking you through the car, access the drivemeonline.com channel on YouTube. Toyota 86 EDT

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