Another year. And still running full steam ahead, to use an old phrase. The featured cars have only got better in badge value, the number of first drives have gone up, and the camera crew, designers and SEO gurus haven’t yet turned their back to us – or have asked to be paid for their self-gratifying services. And what’s better, none of those irksome Google ads yet! Coz at DriveME, passion doesn’t need a pit stop!


Recognition and readership have been our rewards and you, dear enthusiasts, have been our shareholders of passion. So, to you I present the highlights of in its second year.

Fun loves company - DriveME facebook crosses 22222 DriveMates!

Getting into the World’s Top 10 Automotive blogs list is indeed top of the chart – No.6 to be precise. (

We were pleasantly shocked, and came up with our own explanation to how this happened. Where else is a review treated like a page from a travelogue and not a self-obsessed parade of jargons? Where else will you find a toddler’s glee or the wife’s nod an essential part of the review? Who else tells you that the new LR4 is not only good for the great outdoors but also to transform into a home theatre on a lazy Friday afternoon? Who else points out that most premium SUVs today don’t have a double lock protection for its doors? Who else would ever take the trouble of testing some cars twice to ensure a comprehensive report? That’s what has made DriveME one of the world’s TOP10 auto blogs, and your trusted review page.


Other moments of ‘glory’ include steering a Bentley out of its exalted stables; being a humble witness to the unveiling of the fastest Rolls Royce ever; becoming the first to test the all-new Range Rover in the region; driving our fastest car till date (hope that record keeps getting better with age!) and of course crossing the 22,222 milestone on the DriveME facebook page.

The most prestigious invitation

In celebration, join me on some very special journeys this month, starting with the Bentley Continental GT V8, coincidentally sharing the same engine as the Audi last reviewed (Isn’t that a nice touch of progressive continuity!). On “FLAGSHIP FRIDAYS” all through July, rev up those eight-headed monsters and relish the sprawling luxury of the flagship sedans – what else – of top luxury brands.

Flagship sedans all through July on FLAGSHIP FRIDAYS!

So, what about the road ahead? Well, the same straights, same bends, different cars. But for the passionate enthusiast, every journey is a different one.

Sudeep Koshy

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